Tio Chorinho with Flavia Nascimento

Tio Chorinho with Flavia Nascimento standing by a tree holding various musical instruments
Brazilian choro music – “New Orleans jazz of Brazil.”

Tio Chorinho is the first ensemble in Canada dedicated to performing choro music, the “New Orleans jazz of Brazil.” Exciting, intimate, nostalgic and virtuosic, choro is an infectious urban folk style whose universal appeal belies its musical complexity. Tio Chorinho embraces the authentic spirit of choro and extends it, thrilling audiences of all backgrounds with astonishing musicianship and easy-going charm on stage.

Flávia Nascimento joins Tio Chorinho, Canada’s first ensemble dedicated to performing Brazilian choro music. Flávia is a favourite at street parties, famous events, major festivals and concert halls.

 Whenever there is a need to make a show burst with excitement, it is time to call Flávia. Best known for her expertise in Northeastern Brazilian styles such as forró and maracatù, this collaboration with Canada’s leading choro ensemble allows listeners to discover Flávia in a completely different repertoire.

The group features Carlinhos Cardozo (cavaquinho), Maninho Costa (percussion), Milos Popovic (accordion), Eric Stein (mandolin), and Andre Valerio (7-string guitar). They perform frequently with the amazing Brazilian-born, Quebec-based vocalist Flavia Nascimento, with whom they will soon make a full-length collaborative recording.

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