The Stages at MusicFest

One of the magical components of Vancouver Island MusicFest is our spectacular site and the distinct settings for our performance areas. Each stage has it’s own personality and as you move from stage to stage, you feel as though you have entered a new venue.

The Concert Bowl Stage

main stage at Vancouver Island Musicfest

The Concert Bowl is our evening mainstage as well as a stage that hosts many of our larger sessions and special events. On any given year, this can include choirs, big bands, dance and collaborations featuring a number of our visiting performers joining each other on stage for what often turn into once-in-a-lifetime events.

The Grierson Stage

The Grierson saddleback stage at Vancouver Island Musicfests

The Grierson Stage is our main ‘workshop’ stage named after our dearly departed friend and Festival M.C., David Grierson.
Workshops can mean many things at a Western Canadian Roots Music Folk Festival from song circles to jam sessions based on specific themes or on the chance to have a group of pickers or songwriters share some music together on stage. These sessions are where a lot of the spontaneous magic happens that our Festival is famous for!

The Grassy Knoll

the grassy knoll stage at Vancouver island Musicfest

Every performer has their own concert at some point over the weekend where they are given the opportunity to simply showcase what they do in a normal concert setting.

The Grassy Knoll is a beautiful spot surrounded by bleachers that create a mini amphitheatre feeling. This is where most of our band concerts happen throughout the weekend.

The Woodland Stage

the woodland stage at Vancouver Island Musicfest

The Woodland Stage is our singer/songwriter stage as well as our concert stage for solo instrumentalists and duos.

Surrounded by our wonderful forest, it is perhaps one of our most intimate performance spaces for audiences and performers alike.

The Barn

the barn stage at Vancouver Island Musicfest

The Barn has played host to everything from movie showings to square dances to marching band and circus workshops at our Festival. It’s a great spot to get out of the sun or the rain (depending on what the weather Gods bring us!) It’s also a great spot to come dance or enjoy a festival session with some of our visiting performers. You will never forget the vibes you get upon witnessing any performance in the barn!

The Crossroads

Vancouver Island MusicFest proudly hosts an actual stage dedicated to daytime Instructional workshops that are sometimes hands-on and sometimes presentations but always informative and fun for those who attend. Each year, the lineup changes with lessons on everything from Harmony Singing to guitar styles; from Pow Wow dancing to bagpipe playing; from onstage interviews with musical legends and icons to writing a song with a favorite performer.

Be sure to keep your eyes open all around our site for all our wandering performers and special events as well.

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