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Getting to MusicFest - Sarah Kerr

Vancouver Island MusicFest is not accepting unsolicited submissions unless you are a Vancouver Island Performer.

Local Performers only, please send your information to: Please only send if you are a local performer – all others will not be looked at. Please tell us where you are from in your opening sentence.

If you are a local musician and have submitted to the Festival before, please do so again and remind us you are there and want to play the Festival.

A note from our Artistic Director, Doug Cox:

WE receive approx 2500-3000 unsolicited submissions a year for the 50- 60 spots we are able to fit and afford at our event. Out of those spots, we already have around 35-40 picked every year before things even get started based on previous submissions and performers who we want to have back or who we are already aware of.

It’s friggen’ hard to get booked, we know it!

Also, we no longer have deadlines or start times for submissions for the next year. We are always listening (as much as we can) to new Music! We are always looking for great acts but honestly, don’t have time anymore to look and respond to the overwhelming number of submissions we receive.

So how do you get noticed?

Just keep on keeping’ on and if you are touring and playing other Festivals and clubs, I and other Festival Directors will hear about you. I know how brutal this sounds but it is the truth these days – there are simply far too many performers looking for bookings for the small number of Festivals out there. If you are serious about your music, people will hear about you, and you will make connections and have doors open! Keep touring as you are able, attend conferences, play well and you will get rewarded.

We respectfully ask you do not respond to this email expressing your disappointment (we already know that!) We will not be answering any further emails from performers not selected to work with us this year as we are putting our energies into producing a great event and series for 2023.

We sincerely wish you all the best and good luck with your musical projects,

Doug Cox – Artistic Director and Executive Producer

Vancouver Island MusicFest


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