We welcome over 1100 volunteers to our team each year and we’d love to have you join our crew!

Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering with Vancouver Island MusicFest.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. We welcome over 1100 volunteers to our team each year and try to place as many new volunteers as possible. If we can’t place you this year we will put your name on our waitlist and contact you as soon as a crew opening becomes available.

For a complete list of all Volunteer Crews and descriptions click here.

Our 2022 application form is available here. Please read all the information here prior to submitting it.

Volunteer Resources can be found here

A few things to note:

Volunteer at MusicFest!

1. Returning volunteers will be contacted directly by their past Crew Coordinators (or new coordinators of their pre-existing crew) before February 1st. If you have not heard from your coordinator by February 1st  please send the volunteer coordinator an email.
2. If you did not volunteer last year but have in the past you will need to fill out a volunteer application. Be sure to write in the name of the coordinator of the crew that you were on.
3. Some of our crews are self recruiting. If you apply for a crew that is self recruiting and have not in fact been recruited by that coordinator your application will be sent on to a crew that has space and accepts applications.
4. If you are 16-19 years of age (new or returning) and you have already applied
you will need to have a youth waiver signed by your parents or guardian and
submitted to your Crew Coordinator.


5. If you plan to camp in the Volunteer Campground you will be required to
complete the Volunteer Camping Registration in advance. Your Crew
Coordinator will be emailing the link to you. If you plan to camp in the Public
Campground you will be required to pay. The Volunteer Campground Policy will
be available soon.
6. You cannot apply until you have read the Volunteer Rights &
Responsibilities.  Click Here to read and apply.

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