On-Site Camping

  1. Purchase Camping Pass – (You must have a weekend pass to camp which is a separate ticket)
  2. One you have purchased a camping pass a link to the camping registration will be emailed to you with your camping tickets. Please follow the instructions on the registration form and complete all the info required. You cannot register until you have purchased a camping pass. (The registration is a completely different process than purchasing a camping pass) Your Camping Pass is NOT A REGISTRATION
  3. Read all the rules and regulations on this page before proceeding.

One of the best ways to truly experience Vancouver Island MusicFest is to fully immerse yourself in the weekend through camping on-site. Families and friends flock from the local community and far away for an annual reunion of camping and festival fun.

Our venue is situated on a pastoral acreage bordering the forested banks of the Tsolum River. We provide camping opportunities for RV’s, campers and camper vans and tents. This ‘rustic camping’ environment welcomes festival-goers and gentle jammers who are willing to be respectful, peaceful and neighbourly.

Camping is open to festival-goers who are willing to engage in a camping community where mutual respect, caring and calm prevail. Loud or aggressive campers are not welcome.

Please note: You must have a weekend pass to camp. Three individual day passes combined will not enable you to camp



The VIMF Campground will open at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, July 10th for “Early Arrivals” in order to assist us in getting traffic off of local roads and addressing serious safety concerns on transportation corridors adjacent to the site.

If you choose to participate in the “Early Arrivals” program you will be charged an additional $80 +Tax for the cost of campground services and security.

The “Regular Arrivals” program starts Thursday, July 11th at 10 am and regular camping prices will apply.

Accessible camping sites are available in the Inner Field area on a first come first serve basis. You must have a valid Sparc card or Access 2 number to purchase in this area. If you do have this identification please contact the office during business hours at 250-334-1634 to discuss options. Festival access information can be found here.

Campsites are limited to 6 persons and assigned an ID #. If you have more than 6 campers with you – you will be asked to purchase and register a second site.

Only one tent or camping unit is permitted per camping ticket.

Campers can register and reserve an adjacent site (bring your own tarps or tape) but they must pay the fee in full and leave FULL NAMES at the Camping Box Office. If you are taking part in the “Early Arrivals” program you cannot tarp or tape off adjacent site(s) unless you have paid the “early arrival” fee for each site. Latecomers must supply ID to claim their wristbands. All wristbands must be paid for upon initial entry into the campground, whether all are present or not.

All sleeping structures and shelters must display an ID numbered camping tag or they will be removed.

Purchase your camping online and simply register that ticket number and all members of your camping party in advance.

As we are not a Provincial Campground and do not have numbered sites we cannot offer you the opportunity to buy your specific spot you want, however we can offer you the chance to purchase within 1 of our 3 areas.

If you rent a trailer and have the company drop it off, your only option for camping is in Dove Creek Camping Area. All rentals are dropped off to an assigned area ahead of time.

Areas within the Campground

Click here for Camping Map

  • Dove Creek Camping 
  • Inner Field Camping
  • Inner Field Camping – Accessible Camping
  • Family Camping

2024 Gate Times 

WednesdayJuly 10th   3:00 pm – 9 pm
ThursdayJuly 11th10:00 am – 9 pm
FridayJuly 12th 10:00 am – 9 pm
Friday July 12th 3:00 pm – 11 pm
Saturday, July 13th                9:00 am – 11 pm
Sunday,   July 14th                 9:00 am – 11 pm


Camping placement is still first come first serve for individual sites however this ticket does ensure placement within the area you have purchased for.

If you rent a trailer and have the company drop it off, your only option for camping is in Dove Creek Camping Area. All rentals are dropped off to an assigned area ahead of time. All rentals must lineup with regular arrival unless otherwise arranged in advance. No Rentals will be allowed in Inner Field or Family camping unless they lineup with regular arrivals.

Every member of the camping party must have a weekend pass to gain access to the campground.

Simply purchase the campground area you would like and then complete the online registration form, you must enter the camping ticket number on the top left-hand side of your ticket into the registration form as this will become your camping id # for the weekend.

You can purchase your camping area online, but you will only receive up to 4 wristbands with that purchase. If you have more than 4 people camping with you can purchase an additional 2 wristbands at the gate. We cannot offer these wristbands in advance of the event for security reasons. If you plan on purchasing the extra wristbands, please register the campers these will be purchased for when you are registering online. All additional wristbands must be paid for upon initial arrival at the camping gate.

Be organized upon arrival, have your weekend passes, your camping ticket, a copy of your registration form and if possible, all members of your camping party with you at the camping box office as we must place the wristbands on everyone.

If for some reason a member of your party can not be with you at arrival make sure they have their weekend pass, a copy of the registration form and their id.

If your camping party should change before the event please do not re-submit a registration form. Simply alert the box office at the time of arrival and they will make the changes within the system, or send us an email in advance and we will update the form.

If you plan on taking part in the “Early Arrivals” Program on Wednesday, July 10th make sure you purchase the ticket for this as it is a separate cost.

The Camping Crew will be checking the size of camper you bring and you will be responsible for any difference in price based upon the size of the RV.

Family Camping And Quiet Camping

VIMF offers a special area dedicated for campers who want to camp in a family-friendly zone. This area is available on a first-come first-serve basis and is intended to create a gentle mellow space for our campers who don’t do the “full-on all night jammin’ till the sun comes up”. Please keep in mind that this is a campground with thousands of campers. Vancouver Island MusicFest can make NO guarantees regarding a totally quiet and peaceful night’s sleep. This is a festival and music and merriment will be made. Please remember to bring earplugs…a cheap and easy solution for all ages!! We have them for sale as well.


All ages are warmly welcome; however, minors camping (under 19 yrs of age) MUST be accompanied and supervised by an adult aged 25 or older or with a legal guardian. In addition, there is a limit of 4 minors per adult who will be responsible for the actions of the minors under their care. Underage campers cannot register to camp or receive a wristband without them being accompanied by an adult. That adult must be camping WITH THEM for the weekend. We reserve the right to ask for proof of age. Bring your ID. Aggressive, loud or disrespectful behaviour and drunkenness will not be tolerated. Disregard for these guidelines will result in you being asked to leave (or removed by security or RCMP) from the campground.


Tow vehicles for RV’s must be removed from the campground. There is free parking available for tow vehicles. Maximum one secure lock-up or sleeping vehicle permitted per tent site. Additional parking is available next to the camping area for $20.00 + Tax. No vehicles are permitted in or out of the Campground while the festival is running. Once you’re in – you’re in!


Drinking water stations are set up throughout the Campground. This is an ‘unserviced’ campground. No RV hookups are provided. Garbage, recycling, porta-potties, wash stations for dishes and potable water are available at central locations. Please use the facilities provided. Do not put any human waste or throw dirty water/food water in the bushes. Please DO NOT use any soaps or cleaning products in the pristine salmon-bearing river!


There are no showers on the festival grounds however The Comox Valley Sports Centre on Vanier Drive offers the use of their shower facilities to our patrons & volunteers.
THURSDAY JULY 11th 7:00am – 7:00pm
FRIDAY JULY 12th 7:00am – 7:00pm
SATURDAY JULY 13th 7:00am – 3:00pm
SUNDAY JULY 14th 7:00am – 3:00pm
MONDAY JULY 15th 7:00am – 7:00pm

MusicFest patrons & volunteers with a wristband can pay $2.50/visit

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