The River (Tsolum)

flowing Tsolum river
Tsolum River with beach edge

The Tsolum River originates near Mt. Washington and flows through the forest and farmland in the Comox Valley where it joins with the Puntledge River near downtown Courtenay.  The river setting of this festival is unique and we want you to enjoy the river while joining us in looking after it. 

Many fish and other species rely on the river, including wild salmon such as coho, chinook and steelhead and cutthroat trout. 

Visit the Tsolum River Restoration Society information booth to find out more this special river. 

When water temperatures rise, fish can become stressed. 

Please avoid using sunscreen prior to swimming (seek shade and cover up).  And please, no soaps of any kind in the river.  Even biodegradable soaps are harmful to aquatic life. 

The forest surrounding the river can get tinder dry.  Please do not smoke in the forest at any time.  Use the areas that the festival has designated for smoking.

sunscreen infographic
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