The Mavens
Susan Crowe, Lynn Miles, Shari Ulrich

Trio of ladies called the Mavens

A Canadian trio of consummate songwriters, singers, and musicians Lynn, Susan and Shari have crossed paths many times through their lengthy careers as songwriters and touring recording artists, sharing festival workshop stages, song circles and endless stories. In the summer of 2019, Shari spent a few days in the middle of a Maritime tour at Susan’s place on the Nova Scotia coast. An evening chat about their favourite songwriters hatched the idea that their dream trio would include the incomparable Lynn Miles, based in Ottawa. The following February, 2020 the stars aligned for them all to be together at Shari’s on the west coast to spend several days exploring tunes, laughing, playing, laughing, walking, eating, playing, and laughing. And lo, The Mavens were born. They’ve been hibernating just waiting to be able to hit the ground running!

Susan Crowe has always found solid footing on shifting ground and the ground has shifted much in her 30 (ish) year career. What stays the same are her crafted lyrics and a deep look into the changing human landscape.

Lynn Miles, with the raw beauty of her work and her confident command of the stage, is a legend in the Canadian contemporary roots genre which has spread beyond the borders of our country.

Shari Ulrich brings an intrinsic sense of song, drawing on her history with top tier musicians. A multi-instrumentalist and strong performer, she lights a stage with a deep, accessible energy.

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