Tennyson King

TK Flower Press Pic - Credit -Savanah

Saturday Woodland – Concert – 11:00 – 11:50

Saturday at the Crossroads – Musical Healing and Meditation – 1:00 – 1:50

Sunday In The Barn – What This West Coast
Means To Me – 10:00 – 11:15

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada, this nomadic musician brings a jovial personality to the stage. Tennyson King is an award winning nomadic indie folk musician. He captures audiences – first with his reverberant, edgy sound and then with his humorous stories of life-on-the-road. He often appears solo in great halls to small intimate theatres or bring in the band on the big festival stage and they create a huge sound surely to get everyone moving.

Indie folk rock infused with earthy roots and pop, subtly laced in psychedelic ear candy. Having performed with such notable acts as Lindi Ortega, Terra Lightfoot, Basia Bulat, The Jerry Cans, Shred Kelly, Whitehorse, Sloan, Elliot Broode, Shred Kelly, Martin Kerr, PaulDempsey, Paul Woseen, Yirrmal, Geoff Achison, and Clare Bowditch, Tennyson is accustomed to bringing the ‘wow’ factor to stages around the globe

Playing hundreds of shows all across Australia over multiple tours, having great success with his tours across Hong Kong and Mainland China, cross Canada tours, and a host of sold-out shows in Brasil & South East Asia, Tennyson is growing in popularity, not only in his home country, but worldwide. He has been invited to perform at festivals such as Shambala In Your Heart (Thailand), Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival (Australia), Beaches Jazz Festival (Canada), Mondo NYC (USA), Joy Ruckus Club (Asia), Folk Music Ontario (Canada), Vancouver Island Music Featival, Knockengorroch (UK) and more.

In 2019, Tennyson was invited to participate with a few of China’s top musicians at an artist residency in Aranya, Beidaihe in China. He paired this invitation with two tours of Mainland China performing over 30 cities both as a solo act and with his band.

During these tours, he held workshops with local Chinese artists that looked at the collaboration between Chinese and Western musicians hoping to bridge the cultural gap. He also released three Chinese singles 漂走 (Piao Zou), 自在 (Zi Zai), and, 生命的进度 (Shen Ming De Jin Du). He strives to represent the Chinese community in his musical endeavors and aims to be an inspiration for young Asian musicians.

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