Subhira Quintet

subhira quintet with instruments

“Wild Contemporary World Music from Chile”

One of the most innovative ensembles in the World Music genre in Chile, with more than 25 years of career and 19 released albums, they are referents for many musicians in the country. Subhira Quintet have played in some of the most important world music festivals from Chile, Canada, and Europe, where they’re consolidating their international career. Their compositions mix rhythms and language from the native peoples of the south of America, progressive and contemporary world music, jazz and folk. Their director and composer, Subhira, Rodrigo Cepeda, is a “President of the Republic National Prize of Music” winner, one of the highest recognitions given by the Chilean Ministry of Culture. He is also professor of composition at the Modern School of Music, director of world music label Mundovivo and programmer of “Festival de Músicas del Mundo” (Santiago-Chile). He plays piano, Hammond and Moog keyboards, didgeridoo, and ethnic percussions. Cello player maestro Juan Angel Muñoz , former Philharmonic Orchestra of Santiago’s first cello, has performed as a guest with countless national and international artists and orchestras. Danka Villanueva is a multifaceted violinist active in the klezmer, jazz, folk and Balkan music scenes, as well as contemporary chamber ensembles and orchestras. Ema Morales flute player graduated from ProJazz institute and active on folk, jazz, and pop scene and Rebeka Martínez graduated with high honours at the Modern School of Music on drums former player of important folk, fusion and rock bands complete this power quintet.


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