Sinha Danse: Out of Bark and Bone

Saturday Daytime Concert Bowl – 11:00 – 12:00

Sunday Daytime Concert Bowl – 12:30 – 1:30

Sinha Danse is a contemporary dance company founded in Montreal by choreographer Roger Sinha over 25 years ago. Creation, production and distribution are at the heart of its mission, creating choreographic projects of excellence inspired by the Indian cultural heritage of its founder.

Great importance is given to the promotion of contemporary dance and to the enrichment of the discipline using intercultural and multidisciplinary creative approaches. Music and new technologies also have a very important place in many of his works.

Bark and Bone refers to essential life forces, defining our humanity and fundamentally shaping who we are, beyond divisions, affiliations, ethnic groups and cultural identities. Voice, breathing and rhythm form the backdrop of the piece. The volatile interactions between human beings, locked within the limits of their own breath, surrounded by others, trying to escape, are driven by the essential need to surpass themselves and continually push back what existed before, alone or as band.

Two musicians accompany six dancers in this piece, created by choreographer Roger Sinha in collaboration with the dancers and composer Katia Makdissi-Warren. The perpetual inner rhythm of the body resonates with the deep sound of the didgeridoo and the sustained beating of the drums in an effort to eliminate what is not essential. Humans and instruments communicate, supported by the breath. Almost supernatural throat sounds, coming from the depths of the bodies, heavy with their ancestral heritage, mingle with the rhythm of human speech, merged with the constant and circular tones of the didgeridoo.

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