Peter Paul Van Camp

Peter Paul Van Kamp standing in front of a wooden armoire holding a homemade book

And now, what shall we say about PETER PAUL VAN CAMP [“A Name You Might Very Well Have Trusted, Since 1972”] that you have not heard before, or at least lately?

We could tell you that he is a past recipient of the DISTINGUISHED RHYMING CROSS, and Nine-Time Runner-up for the “COVETED PAT PATTON AWARD FOR COHERENCY IN ELOQUENCE”.

 It may also be worth mentioning that he is Short, For A Tall Man, but Tall, For A Short.

We should surely inform you that the veteran versemonger, who turned a vibrant 70 some time ago, has reached a momentous decision ~~~ after over 50 years of toiling in the Poetry Corner of the folk world, Mr. Van Camp unequivocally asserts the following:

“Now that I have some background in the Show Game, I might as well confess that I am ‘in this thing for keeps’, and will entertain all reasonable offers to declaim, so long as there is a handy place provided for my water glass, and a chair in which to rest after my platform exertions.”

Folks, these are not irrational demands, for an individual who has been called, if not a National Treasure, “A Person of Interest, In Certain Localities”.

Moreover, despite being modest and retiring by nature, “Specs”, (as Mr. Van Camp’s many friends are free to address him) lives by and adheres to a firm credo, which we are pleased to reprint here, verbatim.

To wit:

“If you need an Old Stager
To billow your sail,
Or help shoo the cows off the track,
By golly, I’ll be there
With lard in my hair
And, my ears pinned back!”

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