Wake Robin

Nestled on the island oasis that is the Comox Valley are three little songbirds, who are anything but small in sound and presence. Wake Robin is the collaboration of Ashley Sykes, Alannah Clark, and Andrea Rose; three independently established performers and songwriters who have joined together to bring their curated sound into one. Each of them comes with a guitar in hand and a bag of tricks, from three-part harmonies to tasteful percussion and symphonic cello.

Ashley is a Southern Belle, coming from a long lineage of musical talent and a love for music and dance. Her debut album “Dissonance” highlights her sweet, down south roots paired with a soul searching exploration of the tension that exists between beauty and grief, joy and sorrow. Her powerful words and soulful melodies paint an honest picture of this human experience we collectively share.

Alannah doesn’t hold back when it comes to writing about what matters most. Her rich melodies and tender lyrics paired with her powerful voice bring a strong presence to the many stages she’s played across BC, as well as a recent tour through the UK. Alannah released her debut EP in 2017, boasting a collection of songs that include her own struggles with depression and mental health, a topic she doesn’t shy away from and a point of connection she often makes with her audience.

With words that call us home to ourselves and a sound that captures the emotion of her music, Andrea delivers a transparent and captivating performance. Her fluid style unwittingly moves between genre’s ranging from folk, blues and alt-pop, with smooth vocals and guitar work that carry her authentic lyrics and soulful voice.

You’ll laugh, you might cry, and you’ll be pulled in by their wit, their stories, and the musical fusion that’s ignited when these talented songwriters share the stage.