The Moaning Yoni

“Secunda’s commentary on gender and sexuality is accessible, and superbly comments on the restrictions of the gender binary and sexual attraction. The show’s non-stop physicality and shifts in mood lend expertly to creating a show that shocks and discomforts its audience and pushes the edges of reality.” – Showbill (Victoria)

Viewer Discretion is Advised

It’s time to get in touch with your clitoral consciousness with this hilarious and original one-woman show. Critically acclaimed performer Joylyn Secunda brings to life more than a dozen characters to tell the story of a young college student named Zoë who is just trying to get by and fit in, until one day she applies an elixir, and her Vagina starts to talk.

From tinder dates to spiritual yoga classes, The Moaning Yoni explores the intersection of gender, sexuality and spirituality in an unforgettable hour of laughter and physical comedy.

Elixir side effects may include primordial pelvic vibrations, vulva vocalizations, tangoing tampons, disembodied voices, kinky pubes, yoni egg slippage, and sausages in the sand.

Joylyn Secunda is a Vancouver based actor, dancer, singer, and puppeteer. She is a BFA Acting graduate from the University of British-Columbia and has studied clown at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. She has toured her solo comedy, The Moaning Yoni to Fringe Festivals across Canada. When she isn’t touring the Fringe circuit, Joylyn leads community-engaged theatre projects for seniors (Theatre Terrific and Arts & Health), instructs yoga classes, and facilitates sound healing events. She is also a puppeteer with the Cassie & Friends touring puppet show.

Review Quotes

“Secunda has great comedic timing and fantastic physicality that really shines, as well as a killer, unique singing voice” – Mooney on Theatre (Toronto)

“I wish everyone under 30 could see this show. There’d be hope for better sex for everyone.” – MK Piatkowski, One Big Umbrella (Toronto)

“Get in touch with your clitoral consciousness with this hilarious one-woman show. From cliché tinder dates to spiritual yoga class, to a personified vagina dancing/fighting with a tampon, this show has everything you want in a sex-positive fringe show. With humorous lines and physical comedy including the star moving her body in ways that will leave mere mortals asking ‘How does she do that?’ this show is a delight for all. And remember boys and girls, you all are Divine Goddesses!” – Brian James Hildebrand (Saskatoon)