Ronnie assumed the name “Ostwelve” in his early teenage years as a pseudonym for grafitti culture and then continued to use the name as an MC name during his hiphop career spanning 16 years professionally. His musical exploration have brought him around the world and into media applications like TV, film, games, podcasting and radio broadcasting.

Ostwelve aka Ronnie Dean Harris is a Stō:lo/St’át’imc/Nlaka’pamux multimedia artist based in Langley, BC. Starting in his teens, Ostwelve has toured the globe showcasing his original music. As well, he has composed music for various TV, film and media projects.

With a major focus on hiphop since the beginning, Ostwelve’s style can shift and shape into various rhythms + time signatures from spoken word fury to dance floor deadly.

Over the years, he has worked on a number of media projects, as an actor and composer for APTN/Showcase dramatic series “Moccasin Flats” for two seasons as a performer and a lead character, and in the subsequent film project “Moccasin Flats: Redemption” in 2007. He was a Content Manager + Contributor to Revolutions Per Minute – RPM.FM, an Indigenous Music Culture website where he also hosted an award-winning podcast. Ronnie is featured in the National Film Board musical documentary “The Road Forward”, and the Knowledge Network’s “Looking At Edward Curtis”, both directed by Marie Clements. He is currently performing as the voice of “Dad/Walter” on upcoming PBS series “Molly Of Denali”.

Ronnie has also been very active in creating and facilitating workshop programs for youth in media arts and hip-hop. Currently he is working as the Program Director for “Reframing Relations” with the Community Arts Council of Vancouver delivering programming for indigenous and non-indigenous artists to interface with students and youth in schools and communities around the concept of colonial relations. 

As an organizer, Ronnie has contributed to various organizations over recent years including the Working Group For Indigenous Food Sovereignty, Wild Salmon Caravan, Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance, Indigenous Climate Action and other related organizations and actions.

As an independent researcher, Ronnie has worked on various portfolios that include Indigenous cosmologies, ethnography, archival audio, historiographies and musicologies.

Last time Ronnie was at MusicFest he collaborated as a member of our B.C. World Music Collective. We are very happy to welcome him back to our stages.