Curly Strings

“Estonian band Curly Strings have chops to match many an American and have fused the upbeat Southern sound with their own ethnic styles to create a newgrass that speaks on the Baltic sensibility and beyond.” Songlines, Tom Newell

Curly Strings is a four-piece band, that draws its inspiration from American bluegrass and their own personal heritage in the current Estonian cultural space. Intense and playful ensemble work, hauntingly beautiful melodies and sincere presentation of their music forms the main basis of the Curly Strings soundscape. The band’s rise in the Estonian music scene in 2013 was a phenomenon unlike any other: a folk music artist becomes mainstream by collecting music awards and being the top seller in music stores for more than a year.

Curly Strings made their Canadian Festival debut at MusicFest a few years back and we are very happy they’ll be coming to visit again!

Eeva Talsi – fiddle, lead vocals
Taavet Niller – upright bass, vocals
Jaan Jaago – guitar, vocals
Villu Talsi – mandolin, vocals