Nikki D

Nikki D leaning on instrument with denim jacket and red dress

Nikki D is a Sacred Steel guitarist that’s based out of Toledo Ohio that plays with her family band that goes by the name, Nikki “D” & The Sisters Of Thunder.  

Nikki’s unique style is Gospel with traditional Blues riffs and ​grooves, all punctuated by her wildly soulful and electrifying steel ​guitar. In fact, in 2016, Guitar World magazine described Nikki as “The Jimi ​Hendrix of ‘Sacred Steel’, because of her willingness to experiment vocal-​like riffs and intense reverb and sustain.

She’s also a soulful vocalist that ​commands the attention of those that hear her raspy, but yet sultry voice. Nikki have travel and toured internationally in Australia and Canada and she’s the first African American female steel guitarist to do.

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