Nathan Senner

Nathan Senner wearing a ball cap and playing guitar

Life moves us. From moments of simple pleasure to the grand events that shape us; these themes of life and the human condition are at the core of Nathan Senner’s music. Heartfelt, honest, and laced with a bittersweet sincerity, his songs have a universal quality that touches a wide audience while simultaneously connecting in a personal way as though written for you alone.

Influenced by a musical family and his roots growing up in Northern British Columbia, Nathan is a folk/contemporary singer songwriter who has been playing and performing for over 40 years. He is a respected writer, a multiple finalist in the Cowichan Folk Guild songwriting competition, and he was nominated for both ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Vocalist of the Year at the Vancouver Island Music awards.

Nathan writes songs filled with gentle strength and encouragement, plays in a soothing acoustic style, and his smooth vocals have been described as a cool breeze on a warm day that will soothe your soul and lift your spirits.

Pam Edgar host of ‘Songwriter’s Circle on CHLY 101.7fm writes, “If you combine a creative mind, a musician’s ear and an artist’s eye you may find a singer, songwriter like Nathan Senner who is a dab of Jim Croce, a broad stroke of James Taylor, with highlights of John Denver – he paints with music.”  

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