VI MusicFest Old Time Radio Show

Imagine a time before computers and cell phones, shoot, even before Television screens created their blue glow in living rooms across the continent.

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, little Suzy and Johnny would all gather round the old time tube radio for their favourite weekly radio shows when Bluegrass, Country and Blues music would waft through the airwaves and into everyone’s homes.

News of the world, drama, comedy and, of course, beautiful music would tie us all together and make us feel a part of something bigger.

Ladies and Gents, we invite you to sit back and enjoy the Vancouver Island MusicFest Old-Time Radio Show, a tribute to the Western Canadian Country Music Scene from days gone by.

Curated for us by musicologist, writer, Producer and radio-man, Peter North, the VI MusicFest
Old-Time radio show will get your toes tapping and your hearts thumping!

Starring your Host: Jim Byrnes bio

with Special Guests: Diamond Joe and Penny White bio

along with other MusicFest Stars:

Dirt Road Opera bio

Linda McRae bio

Shaye Zadravec bio

and the amazing Musicians:

The Swingin’ Country Dance Kings! bio

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