Michael McGovern

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Michael McGovern

“I love it. What an unexpected gem.” – Paul Brady

Album of the Week, July 2021 – BBC Radio Scotland

✰✰✰✰✰ – Irish Music Magazine

My name is Michael McGovern, I’m a songwriter and performer from Glasgow, Scotland.

Music has been my life since an early age, I grew up on my Grandparents music, Sinatra, Buddy Holly, Ella Fitzgerald, the stuff that played in the kitchen on a Sunday morning. Then, when I picked up the guitar, I started to discover people like the Beatles, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. Amazing artists that still inspire my music today.

Fast forward about 18 years and I released my debut record ‘Highfield Suite’ in 2021. It was a bedroom Covid project to keep me sane, and it became an album right under my eyes. ‘Isle of May’ and ‘I’m Not Myself Today’ address nostalgia, friendship, and love and ‘I Let You Down’ recalls a nightmare I had.

Musically, you can hear a lot of Spanish influence alongside the Scottish stuff. I wanted to make an album that sounded ‘warm’. I was listening to a lot of Chavela Vargas, and Leonard Cohen’s amazing ‘Thanks for the Dance’ at the time. Swaying guitars, tremolos and big harmonies became the theme. It was a way of escaping the cold, Scottish reality of winter 2020.

I was blown away by the accolades the album received, critical praise on radio stations in the UK and Ireland, glowing reviews and 5 stars. I’ve been fortunate to tour extensively since its release, including a debut at Cambridge Folk Festival last year, HebCelt, Celtic Connections and more. In the last few years, I took my music all over Europe and sold out a few shows back in Glasgow which was the greatest thrill of all.

I’m now recording my second album and very excited to play it live. My songwriting is more storytelling on this record; ‘Ode to Laurie’ talks about Laurie Lee walking across Spain during the civil war, ‘The Harbour’ develops a John Steinbeck character as if she was born in a Scottish fishing village, and ‘Thin White Road’ talks about an apocalyptic scenario where the clouds ‘burst’, the sky ‘cracks’ and the ground swallows us alive. I’ll leave a few more surprises for now.

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