Mark Wonneck

Mark Wonneck in plaid shirt and sunglasses playing a guitar

A veteran of folk festivals and concert stages, Qualicum resident Mark Wonneck is a gifted songwriter, story-singer, singer-of-songs, storyteller…all the combinations. He is probably best known as Larry Douglas, one half of the folk-comedy duo, The Douglas Brothers, who emerged out of Winnipeg onto the folk scene in the late eighties.  While he still likes to perform as a Douglas Brother whenever he can, more recently he has developed a well-earned reputation as a captivating and insightful solo performer.  His songs can be tender, goofy, intense, thought-provoking, and gritty – sometimes all at once.  Audiences can expect to laugh, cry, remember things they’ve long forgotten, and in the end wonder when they will be able to hear him again.

“Mark entertains with humility and respect while his lyrics create a feeling of being home. His songs tell relatable stories that remind the listener of sweet childhood memories, honesty, love, and the quirky mysteries of life.” Mark’s generosity of spirit brought him to share his time and considerable talent with refreshing flavour. Audiences seeking warmth and pure simple enjoyment will be delighted by Mark’s light and creativity.”  E. Munce, Director, Community Hospice Services, Calgary, AB

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