Kanatal band of 4 people standing outside in Taiwan wearing traditional clothing

Kanatal means “island” in the Amis language, referring to the small island of Taiwan. The coastline surrounding us is not only an entrance but also an exit: different ethnic groups come to live together on the island, and at the same time, we connect with the world through the ocean. Four talented Indigenous musicians come together with their multi-ethnic backgrounds, the epitome of an island society, creating explosive harmony that boldly crosses borders.

Golden Melody Award winner Suana Emuy Cilangasay, esteemed drummer Vagacu Kalevuan, urban Indigenous singer Masaw, and talented rising artist Abus; all members have rich cultural and musical backgrounds. They find their true selves within the intersections of multiple ethnic identities, telling their stories through vocals, piano, guitar and a variety of traditional instruments.

There’s no rigid work division in Kanatal—everyone can be the lead singer. With a flexible formation, Kanatal is the best setup for experimental creative projects. Among them, three are familiar with Indigenous languages and traditional melodies. Each member is good at combining electronic music, rock, pop, and other genres with traditional elements. They are committed to creating world music that can hit the mainstream market. They are inspired to experiment with music from all over the world. The concept of Kanatal is not just limited to the society of an “island”, but stretches beyond to all mankind.

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