Her Majesty

Gold crown with Shakura S'Aida mentioning extraordinary women of the blues

Perhaps the thing Vancouver Island MusicFest is most known for Internationally is our once-in-a-lifetime on-stage collaborations. There have been so many over the years!

This year’s ‘Her Majesty’ performance will be a collaboration that will go down in history as a ‘remember when’ MusicFest Moment.

“When I considered such a collaboration there was only one person who came to mind to curate this for us and that person is the brilliant singer and music fan, Shakura S’Aida. Shakura is someone who is no stranger to MusicFest, in fact, last time she was here we had her close for Ry Cooder!

Having run into her at various Festivals and conferences, we always had these wonderful deep conversations about music. Be it blues, jazz, gospel, funk or folk, I always came away from these conversations having learned something from Shakura and always appreciated her reverence for the music and the music-makers. I always thought, this woman should be an Artistic Director. When I asked her to curate a Woman’s Blues revue for our Festival, she jumped at it and in doing so, put together a powerhouse group that no one else could have put together!”

Doug Cox, MusicFest Artistic Director

The group Shakura has managed to put together is indeed an unprecedented gathering of Women who have made their lives in the Blues as musicians and singers from Canada and the United States. Get ready to witness this historic gathering, Friday Night, at Vancouver Island MusicFest!

Introducing the participants of ‘Her Majesty”:

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