Golosa La Orquesta

Golosa La Orquesta dressed in colourful outfits with painted faces

Golosa La Orquesta have 2 studio albums and one recorded live. They have done 3 European tours, where they traveled around 7 countries and performed more than 70 concerts. In 2019 they were nominated for the Pulsar Awards (the main awards in Chilean music) with their album “Sobre la Ciudad.”

They have just released two singles “Voy bajando por la quebrá”, featuring the prominent Chilean singer-songwriter Nano Stern and the guitarronero Luciano Fuentes; and “Montaña Arriba” in view of his next album, which will contain a strong tint of Latin American music. They have participated in Global Music Match, the largest international collaboration program in the world, which in its 2021 edition has 78 participating artists and bands, from 17 countries, all linked to world music and folk.

Golosa La Orquesta expresses in their performance and lyrical content, a conscious and energetic message inspired by landscapes, nature and the social-environmental situation in Latinoamérica and especially Chile.

Rhythms inspired in the music of the Andes, like celebration or carnival mood among other folklore music from the Southern Cone of Latinoamérica merged with the power of rock and the liberty of Jazz are present in our musical speech.

“We travel from our land to deliver the deepest sounds rooted in our mystical continent to the world. Rhythms with airs of huayno, celebration, carnival among others from the folklore of the southern cone of Latin America; fused with the power of rock and the freedom of jazz are present in our music.”

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