Living Green

Vancouver Island MusicFest recognizes that tourism, recreation and cultural events have a significant environmental impact and we are committed to developing initiatives that will lessen that impact.

Jack and the Tsolum River Restoration Society booth at the festival

Sarah Kerr

In active partnership with community organizations we have been developing programs that will lighten our footprint on the fairgrounds, the region and the planet – this weekend and all year round. We invite all of you to join us in this effort to live (and play) green!

These on site festival initiatives include:

  • Comprehensive sorting, composting and recycling of all site waste
  • Our “Vancouver Island Tap Water” initiative which has eliminated disposable water bottles from the VIMF site!
  • Fun, interactive eco-education activities for all ages.
  • Fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate and sugar for our performer and volunteer kitchens
  • Participatory Community Mapping of our watershed, estuaries and recreation spots
  • Fair trade policies for our Craft Vendors
  • Total plastics free policies for our food vendors
  • ‘Litterless lunches’ for our volunteer kitchen
  • Working with and promoting local and sustainable food producers, fishermen and distributors
  • Replacement of all kitchen plastics with paper and bio-degradable alternatives
  • Bike Lock Ups and Alternative Transportation promotion
  • Biodegradable beer cups in the Festival Pub!
  • Audience education programs about the fairgrounds and fragile river eco-system of the Tsolum River.

In partnership with organizations including World Community, Tsolum River Restoration Society, BC Creek Protection Society, Comox Valley Regional District, CUPE, Comox Valley Project Watershed, Living Oceans Society and others, Vancouver Island MusicFest is forging partnerships that will help to ensure a sustainable festival in years to come.

Organizers are putting Vancouver Island MusicFest on the destination map, both as an amazing cultural event and as a leader in creating a green tourism industry on Vancouver Island. In 2009 Outside Magazine recognized Vancouver Island MusicFest as one of the Top 25 outdoor festivals in North America with a special mention of our Living Green Programs. Every year the partners and supporters of the Living Green Program will take new steps to demonstrate our commitment to the well being of our community and the planet.

Comprehensive sorting, composting and recycling of all site waste

Sharon MacDonnell