Écoute Poir Voir

two performers in a park connected with headsets

wandering performances

“United for a moment and bound up together in movement, dancers and spectators engage in singular encounters and each solo becomes a close dialogue, an interaction that is at once unique and momentous.”

LISTEN TO SEE (ÉCOUTE POUR VOIR) is made up of various solos dispersed throughout the Festival and danced simultaneously. Dancers and spectators wear headphones connected to an iPod and share in a choreography for the duration of a piece of music.

Participants can experience different versions and a variety of dances by moving from one performer to another, but they can also enjoy the totality of a shifting and dynamic ensemble from a distance. Participants are thus free to come into the dance according to their impulses or as they please.

The purpose of this piece is to create privileged moments between two individuals and to discover such proximal connections. ÉCOUTE POUR VOIR, with its intimate choreographies, offers a new experience of the body’s movement as associated with different melodies, featuring two people in tune with one other, wrapped up in a shared world of sound.

Over the years, the company has successfully adapted the piece, developing individual options to be articulated in different contexts.

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