Dongyang Gozupa with Mei Han

Dongyang Gozupa with Mei Han standing in traditional Oriental garb

Saturday In The Barn – Inspirations – 10:00 – 11:15

Saturday Daytime Concert Bowl – Concert – 2:45 – 3:45

Sunday Grierson – Musical Travellers – 11:45 – 1:00

Dongyang Gozupa with Mei Han

Dongyang Gozupa

“Dongyang Gozupa” is a progressive rock band based on Korean Traditional Music with Yanggeum (Korean hammered dulcimer), Bass and Percussions. Dohyuk JANG, a Percussionist of a rock band that won the Korean Popular Music Awards, started this band with Eunhwa YUN, a top- notch Yanggeum player. Recently, Bassist Minhwi HAM known for his creative performance, joined as a new bass player.

It is not easy to express their music in one genre. Their music incorporates various elements such as progressive rock, post-rock, and traditional music. They play a splendid and speedy performance with very strong sounds.

“Dongyang Gozupa gave as usual an energetic show that leaves the audience satisfied and almost out of breath. The band found its unique sound – a mesmerizing combination of tradition alongside psychedelia and progressive rock. The energy between all the members of the band manages to reach the last spectator in the audience. I don’t know of any similar band that performs their music in such a unique way.”

Gil Rouvio

DJ & Journalist/FEEL BEIT/KZ RADIO/Israel

Mei Han

Mei Han (Ph. D.) is one of the world’s premiere zheng artists. Han studied with Gao Zicheng and Zhang Yao, two zheng masters, and took the top zheng performance position at the prestigious Beijing Zhan You Ensemble at the age of 20. Moving onto international stages, she has been exploring new directions for solo zheng and unique combinations of zheng with other instruments in a contemporary experimental aesthetic. Mei has joined us at MusicFest in the past with her group, Red Chamber and we are very happy to invite her back with her friends, Dongyang Gozupa!

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