Dirt Road Opera

dirt road opera band members

A culmination of years of musical growth in B.C. Artists, Rachel Matkin, Barry Mathers, Jim Ryan and Robert Bailey has led them all to this fabulous band, Dirt Road Opera!

Rachel Matkin got her professional start singing with The Matkin Family Band at the tender age of eight and was nominated for a Juno award in the category of Country Female Vocalist of the year just a few years later on the strength of her solo debut album, Living Beyond Our Dreams.

Barry Mathers, who many know from the Juno-nominated Cruzeros, is a veteran of the Canadian music scene who has been recognized with many awards for his singing, songwriting and instrumental talents.

Jim Ryan has played with Mathers for ten years in the Cruzeros, along with Rachel. He’s played with a literal who’s who in the world of music. While each has their own style, sensibility, and depth of expression they bring to the music, it’s perhaps together that they shine brightest, as audiences have come to appreciate.

Newest member of the group, Robert Bailey is a musician, producer, recording engineer, and software engineer currently based on Bowen Island. Rob is an accomplished recording engineer and multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, bass, pedal steel, guitar, and banjo. 

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