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Pete-AndersonLong associated with the world’s best- of- the best Tele- twangers, Grammy Award- winning producer/guitarist Pete Anderson is really a blues guitarist at heart. For his long awaited fourth solo record, EVEN THINGS UP, Anderson goes back to his roots in blues music to prove that you can take the boy out of the city but…

Pete was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to blue collar parents working in the auto industry. His first exposure to music came in the form of Elvis Presley and the Country and Western music his father listened to. At age sixteen Pete was transformed when he heard Muddy Waters on the radio. He went on to attend the first ever Ann Arbor Blues Festival in 1968 which featured artists like B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, T-Bone Walker, and Lighting Hopkins. After that experience he devoted himself to learning everything he could about the blues.

Marrying young, Pete went to work in the factories of Detroit working for Chrysler, Uniroyal, and the Vernor’s ginger ale bottle plant while spending his nights practicing his craft in local blues bands. Shortly, thereafter, he made his move to the West Coast in order to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician. He came to find that he was in demand as a skilled guitarist playing the blues, as well as country, rock, and most anything else.

Pete Anderson is a well known pioneer in the roots-rock genre and is an early champion of the Americana movement, where he had a hand in introducing the world to artists such as Lucinda Williams, Jim Lauderdale, Michelle Shocked, Rosie Flores, and more recently, Adam Hood. His groundbreaking work with Dwight Yoakam helped ring in the “new traditionalist” movement in country music- while crossing over to a wider audience in the rock, pop, and blues worlds. As a guitarist and solo artist, Anderson has been lauded as a world- class musician who has influenced a generation of axe- slingers through his melding of country, blues, honky- tonk, and jazz technique.

With years of critical and commercial success to his name, not only as a guitarist and producer, but also as a songwriter, works that include chart topping success (Adam Hood and Jason Boland Albums) and now most recently, his own solo album, Pete is returning to his passion- the blues. In 2006 he was approached by Guitar Center to help judge and organize their “King of the Blues” guitar competition- the largest in history. Pete immediately became involved- creating all the backing tracks used in the competition, acting as a judge and bandleader at the finale, which featured B.B. King. Pete was asked to return again this year to open the “King of the Blues” in Hollywood, CA.

Even more recently, Reverend Guitars just released “The Pete Anderson Model”, a highly anticipated signature Blues/ Rockabilly guitar that builds upon Pete’s previous experience in designing an award- winning guitar for Larivee, and an earlier version signature Tom Anderson. He also worked with Bruce Zinky to help shape the tone of the Fender Dual Professional Amp series.

In addition to being a producer/musician, Anderson is also a businessman. With the formation of his own independent record label, Little Dog Records, over 15 years ago, proved to be prescient in recognizing the challenges the record business would eventually face. Little Dog Records has released records from a cross section of artists that represent a wide range of American roots music, including Pete’s own solo work.

Pete Anderson’s next project is the most exciting one to date! Pete is drawing on all of his talents – multi-platinum Grammy Award- winning producer/arranger/songwriter/guitarist, legendary bandleader, cutting edge record label owner, savvy instrument designer and guitar hero- by releasing a blues album made up of 12 new original songs highlighted by scorching blues guitar playing and the soulful vocals of Pete Anderson. EVEN THINGS UP represents a full circle in Pete’s artistic career. As an internationally recognized purveyor of roots music, Pete now gets back to his own roots!

From the blue collar, mixed race neighborhoods of Detroit to Hollywood’s early roots- rock scene and country music stardom to the new digital music industry and beyond, Pete Anderson’s talent, work ethic, and innovative spirit have not only set him apart from the herd, but ensure his continued presence as a bright point in the future of the American music scene.

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