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Quebec’s Le Vent du Nord knows how to turn the lost past into intensely listenable performances that push their roots in striking global directions. Since 2002, the quartet has given more than 1000 concerts worldwide, racking up several prestigious awards, including two Junos (Canada’s Grammy) for Best roots album. Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2012 with a 7th album “Tromper le Temps”, Le Vent du Nord returns to its roots, drawing from yesterday and today as it lets us glimpse hopes of possible tomorrows.
Tromper le Temps was nominated at the 2013 Juno Awards (Roots and Traditional album – Group), 2012 Canadian Folk Music Awards (Group of the Year, Album of the Year) and won the prestigious 2012 International Prize Charle Cros (world music).
The group
Considered a driving force in progressive folk, Le Vent du Nord captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen party, infusing old Québec with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air.
Since its founding in 2002, Le Vent du Nord have become compelling Francophone ambassadors, winning critical acclaim and audience adoration across Europe and North America. The quartet has performed well over 1,000 concerts, racking up several prestigious awards, including International Prize Charles Cros 2012 for World music, two Junos (2004 & 2011), a Canadian Folk Music Award, and ‘Artist of the Year’ at the North American Folk Alliance Annual Gala.
The band delivers catchy songs and tunes, some taken from the Québec traditional folk repertoire while others are original compositions. The group has a rich and varied instrumentation, well-polished musical arrangements, and wonderful vocals.

Directed by Michel Rivard
Having given the La Part du Feu concert 250 times in North America, Europe, South America, and Oceania, Le Vent du Nord presents a new show with the songs of Tromper le temps (Fooling Time), its 7th album. Made up of 4 singers and multi-instrumentalists, Le Vent du Nord returns to its roots, drawing from yesterday and today to give us a glimpse the hopes of possible tomorrows. Through songs meant to resist the march of time, the Tromper le temps concert evokes often forgotten episodes of Québec’s history with provocative texts and poetic descriptions destined to endure throughout the ages. A way to fool time…while there is still time! It is a concert that stirs emotions and touches the heart and soul.

Symphonic concert
Not content with standard approaches to tradition, Le Vent du Nord have also created a symphonic concert, presented by Québec Symphony Orchestra, that “puts all traditional folk naysayers to shame” (Voir Montreal).

The pairing of Le Vent du Nord with a full symphony orchestra represents a brand new opportunity in high energy Pops & Family oriented symphonic programming. The traditional Quebecois style, with its driving, celtic-inflected rhythms, soaring melodies and vivid instrumentation has been paired with the vast resources of the traditional symphony orchestra.
These colorful arrangements have been carefully crafted so that the entire orchestra becomes a “fifth member” of this exciting band. In other words, these charts are emphatically NOT colorless sustained backgrounds. Every part, from piccolo to double bass, is effective, idiomatic and fun to play. The colors and textures are calibrated to balance naturally & effectively with an amplified ensemble. Everything the orchestra plays compliments or reinforces what is happening in the band, in the moment.

« To see them play live is to witness a explosion of notes, melody, and songs and an explosive and happy connection among musicians and audiance. » – FOLKWAX

“Just between us, may we say that Le Vent du Nord is THE best traditional Francophone band in this country? ” – Pierre Therrien, Espace Musique, Plaisirs Therrien

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