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David Lindley Cancels Show for Friday March 23rd in Courtenay.

It is with great regret we have to cancel David Lindleys performance slated for Friday, March 23rd at the Native Sons Hall in Courtenay. David is suffering from extreme Tinnitus, an affliction that seems to effect numerous musicians who have a history of playing in Rock bands. The afflicted person hears non-stop ringing in their ears which basically makes musicians unable to function. Sadly, it is bothering him so much at the moment he has to cancel all his current performances.

We regret the inconvenience this causes anyone, especially folks who have planned to travel here to the Comox Valley for both concerts we were planning on presenting over the weekend.

Rest assured, our sold out show with Leo Kottke is still happening as planned!

People who have purchased tickets to the David Lindely concert will be refunded by mid-week next week. Those who bought our discounted ticket for both shows will receive a 1/2 refund for the David Lindley Portion of their purchase. Refunds will be processed by next week and will take a few days after that to show up on your credit card statements.

WE did try to find a suitable replacement to take Davids place so we could still offer you a concert on that night but unfortunately, with such short notice, are unable to come up with someone we feel would be acceptable to the fans of Mr. Dave!

Thanks so much for supporting live music and for understanding the situation. It’s a rare thing for us to cancel a show, but we are sure you understand, musicians are human beings and once in a while their health and well being has to take priority. Needless to say, we are very disappointed and we are sure you are, too!

We wish David a very speedy recovery and hope his situation is not permanent.

Thanks for understanding,

Doug Cox

Executive Producer

Vancouver Island MusicFest

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