Camping Rules and Regulations


You must have a weekend pass to camp.

You must be a registered camper to access the campground.

Only 1 camping unit per site.

NO open fires, tiki torches or open flame. Candles or lamps must be in fireproof containers. We are in a dry grassy pastureā€¦use a container for your butts! If you have a propane stove (inside RV or outside) you MUST bring a fire extinguisher.

Ensure guy wires and structures do not block fire lanes.

NO drum circles, amplified music or canned music are permitted ANYWHERE at ANYTIME in the campground.

NO PETS are permitted anywhere in the campgrounds or on the Festival Site

Campers must remove their own garbage and recycling throughout the weekend and take it to central waste stations. Please keep your camping space clean and community-minded.

You are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings at MusicFest. Leave your toys at home, lock up your valuables, and secure your food and beverages.

Campers who do not demonstrate care for self, care for others and care for the festival WILL be asked to leave or removed from the campground and have camping passes revoked without refund. Camping at VIMF is a privilege. Dangerous or obnoxious behaviour will NOT be tolerated.

If you cannot name at least 5 performers playing at the Festival you are in the wrong campground. Pop quizzes may occur at any time.

Eat. Drink Water. Rest. Wear Sunscreen. Take Care of Yourself. Take Care of Each Other.

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