male and female band members of Burnstick sitting on ledge with instruments

Saturday Grierson Stage – Morning String Song – 10:00 – 11:15

Saturday In the Barn – The Message – 3:15 – 4:30

Sunday Woodland – Concert – 4:30 – 5:20

“We are a family. We choose to do our best to be kind to one another, to respect ourselves and each other, to nourish our child, to protect him, to help him cultivate his cultural identity as well as the confidence to stand tall. And we know that we cannot do this alone; that it takes a community to help a family succeed. We acknowledge Canada’s dark history, and we choose to move forward, to create a future in which our child can not only live safely, but where he can feel that he belongs, and is recognized for the gift that he is  We believe that music heals, and that stories, both personal and political, have the power to transform our world-views and the attitudes we have toward each other; which in turn helps our family thrive.”

                     -NADIA & JASON BURNSTICK 

It’s folk music that’s brimming with the kind of chemistry that could only come from a husband and wife.  Nadia, a Francophone-Métis singer-songwriter, and Jason, a Plains-Cree guitarist, create the are award-winning duo: Burnstick. Two performers whose voices and languages ​​blend together with ease, Burnstick pushes the boundaries of contemporary folk music, weaving together the unique sounds of vintage Weissenborns with intriguing vocal harmonies, while allowing the beauty of simple melodies to shine through.It’s hard to deny the magic they create as they command the stage with their palpable performances. In 2015, created an award-winning all-original lullaby album that married languages ​​and bridged cultures. Coming back to their folk roots, Burnstick has released its JUNO-nominated debut album, Kîyânaw.

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