Anna Ruddick

Anna Ruddick sitting in gold chair with red and white guitar

Anna Ruddick is a graduate of McGill university’s Jazz Performance program and an attendee of The Banff Centre for the Arts’ International workshop in Jazz and Creative music. In the years since she has risen to become one of the most in-demand and versatile bassists in Canada.  She is the most recent touring bassist for the acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer City and Colour, musical director for Canadian pop star Fefe Dobson, as well as a member of Canadian rock icon Ian Blurton’s band Future Now.

In her young career, Anna has played bass on more than fifty studio albums spanning across many genres.  Some of her notable recordings include Randy Bachman’s power trio album ‘Heavy Blues’ (2015), Bry Webb’s critically acclaimed studio album ‘Free Will’ and live album ‘Live at Massey Hall’, Paul Reddick’s 2017 Juno Award-winning album ‘Ride The One’ (2016) and Lee Harvey Osmond’s 2020 Juno Award-winning album “Mohawk” (2019).

Anna resides in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to her session work, Anna has performed live with a who’s-who of Canadian and international artists.

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