Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal doesn’t wait for permission. If a sound intrigues him, he sets out to make it. If origins mystify him, he moves to trace them. If rules get in his way, he unapologetically breaks them. To Taj, convention means nothing, but traditions are holy. He has pushed music and culture forward, all while looking lovingly back.

musician Taj Mahal playing guitar
HER Majesty 2_skin

Her Majesty

Perhaps the thing Vancouver Island MusicFest is most known for Internationally is our once-in-a-lifetime on-stage collaborations. There have been so many over the years!

This year’s ‘Her Majesty’ performance will be a collaboration that will go down in history as a ‘remember when’ MusicFest Moment.


Matt Andersen

A powerhouse performer with a giant, soul-filled voice and commanding stage presence, Matt Andersen has built a formidable following the old-fashioned way: touring worldwide and letting his stunned audiences and new devotees spread the good word of his righteous tunes all over. And the world has indeed woken up and discovered him, helping him amass over 18 million views on YouTube. 

Matt Andersen sitting
photo of femi kuti with 2022 vancouver island musicfest

Femi Kuti & The Positive Force

Before Femi was his own bandleader, he started playing saxophone in his father — Fela Kuti’s — band, Egypt 80, in 1979, where he learned the ins and outs of performing with a legend. “My father was so huge,” Femi says with a laugh. “I taught myself everything I knew, so I was learning on the job, and you are not allowed to make mistakes. Being in front of such an icon, it can be intimidating.” 

Family South
Celebrating the Great Americana Song Book at VI MusicFest

Cox adds, “This year, it only made sense to continue our work together, so Andreas and I came up with the idea of a band centered around the music of family, the South, and the catalogue of songs that has become know as the great Americana Songbook.

Family South group photo with 2022Vancouver Island MusicFest logo
Colleen Allen with saxophone in green garden 2022 Musicfest logo

Colleen Allen

Colleen Allen is one of Canada’s most in-demand musicians for live concerts and recording sessions. Based in Toronto, the acclaimed and versatile multi-instrumentalist has performed all over Canada, the U.S. and Europe with world class jazz and pop artists including Molly Johnson, David Clayton-Thomas, Holly Cole, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Rik Emmett, Marc Jordan, Andrew Craig and Jackie Richardson, to name a few. .

Melody Angel

Melody Angel (her real name) is the complete package: gifted guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and producer. Along the way Angel found time to launch a successful theater and film acting career and received international acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The Chicago Reader newspaper called her “The Future of the Blues.”

Melody Angel with guitar on stage Vancouver Island 2022 Musicfest logo
Meredith Axelrod

Meredith Axelrod

Delightfully engaging and unassumingly comic, Meredith Axelrod envisions the limitless potential of early twentieth century music, whether it be Ragtime, Music Hall, Pop Standard, Boogie Woogie, Tin Pan Alley, String band, Jazz, Country, Blues or even Jug Band music, and embodies the spirit that brought the music into existence in the first place. 

Kim Beggs

One of the North’s brightest lights Kim Beggs delivers a heartfelt darkness in a beautiful back woods, beat driven performance. Sincere, vulnerable, clear eyed and tough, Yukon’s Beggs has garnered 11 music award nominations for her various albums. 

Throughout her career, Kim Beggs has always dispensed with the hip and fashionable in favour of the authentic and true.  

Kim Beggs playing guitar with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest 2022 logo
Big Little Lions duo standing on gravel looking up 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo attached

Big Little Lions

Big Little Lions are an award-winning duo who were born out of a collaboration that won them a JUNO Award in 2014. Since then, they have been cranking out infectious folk pop songs that are jam-packed with emotion and tight harmonies that sound like the product of two people working side-by-side instead of living in different countries. 

The Blues Band

Often celebrated as the finest British purveyors of rhythm and blues, each band member has a musical resume as long as your arm…

To start, Blues Band Guitarist and Singer, Dave Kelly, is no stranger to MusicFest.

I’ve been a fan of the Blues Band since I was a teenager,” explains Doug Cox. “They were a huge influence on me and many other blues players my age.

blues band with Vancouver Island Musicfest logo
photo of John Boutte with 2022 vancouver island musicfest logo

John Boutte

On Sundays as the red beans were soaking for Monday’s dinner, John Boutte was awakened by the sounds of his New Orleans neighborhood. Voices carried over the fence from the church behind his home in the Seventh Ward, the home where he grew up, where most of his Creole family still lives and sings. Past the front yard, second-line parades rolled by, matching the madness of Carnival season and the transcendent joy of the jazz funeral. This roux of influences created John Boutte, and serves him to this day.

Colleen Brown Sings
The Joni Mitchell Songbook

When JONI MITCHELL appeared on the Canadian folk circuit in the mid 1960’s, few could foresee the vast body of work that she would create and the lasting legacy she would have in popular music…

colleen brown photo with 2022 vancouver island musicfest logo
the Burning hell band with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo

The Burning Hell

The Burning Hell is the ongoing musical project of songwriter Mathias Kom and multi-instrumentalists Ariel Sharratt and Jake Nicoll, often including additional comrades and collaborators. Their densely populated genre-shifting songs are packed with an abundance of literary, historical, cultural, and pop-cultural forebears, heroes and villains, subjects and objects, stories and hooks.

The Burying Ground

Taking vintage blues and jazz, swing, old-timey country and folk as their templates, this super-cool duo pens authentic sounding material that appears as if plucked from the Alan Lomax archives, but also bears the gritty qualities of their punk rock background.”
-David Morrisson, Folk Radio UK​

 The Burying Ground formed in 2014 as a duo, but Woody Forster and Devora Laye have been playing together since 2009 as members of The Dire Wolves…

The Burying Ground band playing instruments with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo attached
Jim Byrnes playing guitar 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo on pic

Jim Byrnes

Jim Byrnes lives and breathes music. For nearly fifty years he’s crooned, drawled, belted, hollered and sweet talked more songs into a microphone than most people ever get to hear in a single lifetime. His evocative, smoky vocals are found in a truth that doesn’t come overnight. The sheer joy you can hear in the music he creates is a reason to celebrate Jim Byrnes as a living musical treasure.

By age thirteen, Jim was singing and playing blues guitar. 

Annika Chambers

Houston, Texas native Annika Chambers, like most great American singers, began singing as a child in the Southern Baptist church. Though Gospel music is her mother tongue, it is in the Blues that she found her true voice. After winning the Blues Music Award for Soul-Blues Female Artist of the Year in 2019, she gave us her third release entitled “Kiss My Sass” on the VizzTone Label Group

Annika Chambers singing with microphoe Vancouver Island Musicfest 2022 logo
Rita Chiarelli playing guitar Vancouver Island Musicfest 2022 logo

Rita Chiarelli

Rita Chiarelli, Canada’s most highly acclaimed female roots and blues artist, has just released the soundtrack for her award-winning documentary, Music From The Big House, her 9th recording. With a JUNO (a Canadian Grammy) award and four subsequent JUNO nominations, she is known across Canada as the “Goddess of the Blues”.

A.J. Croce

Over the past three decades, A.J. Croce has established his reputation as a piano player and serious vocal stylist who pulls from a host of musical traditions and anti-heroes — part New Orleans, part juke joint, part soul. While his last album, JUST LIKE MEDICINE, paired him with soul legend Dan Penn and an all-star cast of players, his new album was born of memories — of favorite artists and shows, but mostly, of late-night gatherings with groups of friends, many of them fellow musicians, with Croce at the piano taking requests.

AJ Croce_skin copy
Thornetta Davis with Vancouver Island Musicfest 2022 logo

Thornetta Davis

International singer, songwriter, recording artist, was awarded by the Detroit Blues Society “Living Lifetime Achievement Award” and awarded a star on the Canada South Blues Museum “Walk of Fame.”  In 2015 Thornetta was crowned “DETROIT’S QUEEN OF THE BLUES” in a ceremony by the Detroit Blues Society, with proclamations from the City of Detroit, County of Wayne, and the State of Michigan.

Dirt Road Opera

A culmination of years of musical growth in B.C. Artists, Rachel Matkin, Barry Mathers, Jim Ryan and Robert Bailey has led them all to this fabulous band, Dirt Road Opera!

Rachel Matkin got her professional start singing with The Matkin Family Band at the tender age of eight and was nominated for a Juno award in the category of Country Female Vocalist of the year…

dirt road opera band photo
Cecile Doo Kingue with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo 2022

Cecile Doo-Kingué

“Full of sophisticated musicianship and striking lyricism”
– Living Blues Magazine

An exceptional stage presence, guitarist / singer-songwriter Cécile Doo-Kingué blends blues, afro-roots and soul to create a unique sound. Born and raised in New York City, first generation from Cameroon, she has lived in the USA, France, and is now an adopted Montrealer.

Durham County Poets

It all started in a small café in Ormstown, Quebec, after which the band continued to percolate and spread onto the Canadian music scene allowing them to tour across Canada and on into the United States. Each member writes and arranges and brings something unique to the table. You’ll hear a variety of genres and a broad range of styles. Be it Blues, Soul, Folk, R&B or Gospel, it all weaves seamlessly together to create a truly authentic contemporary Canadiana sound.

durham county poets photo with 2022 vancouver island musicfest logo
Mary Garnett Edwards headshot with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo

Mary Garnett Edwards

Mary is a singer/songwriter and her work includes a CD “Garnett Edwards First Stone”, recorded with her husband Doug Edwards in 1997.

Born in 1957 in Edmonton Alberta, Mary started singing and playing guitar and writing a first song at the age of ten.  By the time she was 12 years old, her mom took her down to the Barricade Coffee House in Edmonton where she sang her original songs.  


In addition to gaining fame as one of Canada’s most respected songwriters, Ferron, who is openly lesbian, became one of the earliest and most influential lyrical songwriters of the women’s music circuit.  

In listening to Ferron’s music, audiences are allowed to acknowledge the passage of time, people, memories, and hopes through her poetic metaphors.

Ferron photo with 2022 vancouver island musicfest logo
Corwin Fox and the Cumberland Brothers playing musical intruments with Vancouver Island Musicfest logo added

Corwin Fox and the Cumberland Brothers

Corwin has had a hand in some 200 albums. He helps people face fears, clear hurdles, dig deep, and shine. He sits patiently when things need space, he’s full of great ideas when situations need inspiration, and he’s a tireless insomniac when deadlines loom. Born in Halifax and raised in Ottawa, Corwin is also a killer musician and songwriter. 

Funky Chester Rhythm Section

The Funky Chester Rhythm section celebrates a time when distinct groups of studio musicians were responsible for inventing a certain sound that would be immediately recognizable. They created many, many hit records! There was the West Coast Wrecking Crew, the Motown Funk Brothers, The Laurel Canyon band called the Section, New Orleans players The Funky Meters and many others. 

funky chester rhythm section
Golosa La Orquesta band with 2022Vanocuer Island Musicfest logo

Golosa La Orquesta

Golosa La Orquesta have 2 studio albums and one recorded live. They have done 3 European tours, where they traveled around 7 countries and performed more than 70 concerts. In 2019 they were nominated for the Pulsar Awards (the main awards in Chilean music) with their album “Sobre la Ciudad.”


Grace Notes
Women's Ensemble

The Grace Notes Women’s Ensemble was formed in 2017 and has quickly established itself as one of the premiere women’s choirs on Vancouver Island. With only 5 years of singing together and through a pandemic, the heart of this choir beats stronger than ever.  Their reputation for wholehearted and engaging performances is balanced with thoughtful attention to musical excellence and refinement. 

Grace Notes Women’s Ensemble with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo attached
Half Asian and Amy the child of a deaf adult with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo

HALF/ASIAN with Amy the CODA

HALF/ASIAN with Amy the CODA is a mixed race (Cantonese/British) musician making synth pop on an 80’s synth and a Child Of Deaf Adult singing the lyrics in her mother tongue: sign language.

HALF/ASIAN with Amy the CODA are an audio-visual performing duo creating art that is rooted in identity exploration and embodiment. 

Anne Harris

Anne Harris is a Chicago-based American Roots and Blues singer-songwriter and fiddle player. Her singular sound and performance style have transfixed audiences in the US and internationally for well over a decade. She has 6 self-produced indie albums to her credit.

Anne Harris playing violin Vancouver Island Musicfest 2022 logo
heartwood female and male duet playing guitars while sitting with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo attached


Honey-soaked folk with a hint of indi and a splash of bluegrass, Heartwood radiates exuberant joy with every delicious song. From the hearth of their rural Pacific northwest homestead Jack Connolly and Genevieve Charbonneau serve up the pulse and passion of their irresistible songs and tasty harmonies.  

Haley Heynderickx

It takes a mix of skill and luck to tend a garden well, but it’s impossible without a certain amount of kindness tended. While the cyclical nature of gardening seems inherent, in some ways, Heynderickx is just beginning. Her debut album, named I Need to Start a Garden out of a search for calm through these waves of uncertainty and upheaval, is out now via Mama Bird Recording Co.

Haley Heynderickx sitting in green garden
Sherman Holmes with blue cap and 2022 Vancouver Island MusicFest logo

Sherman Holmes

The last time Sherman Holmes joined us at MusicFest was in 2010 when he performed with his dearly departed Holmes Brother bandmates, Wendell Holmes and Popsy Dixon along with musical Diva Joan Osborne.

Over their distinguished career, The Holmes Brothers became one of the most important, prolific, and musically distinct groups in the history of Funky Blues and R&B. 


The music of HuDost weaves a seamless tapestry of Folk, World, and Rock that renders tears and laughter in listeners, cultivating the nameless longing that abides somewhere in all our hearts and invoking total celebration. HuDost’s core musicians are Moksha Sommer, from Montréal, and Jemal Wade Hines from Kentucky. 

HuDost standing against a grey white and red wall with 2022 vancouver Island musicfest logo
photo of junior gone wild with 2022 vancouver island musicfest

Jr. Gone Wild

Over the course of five acclaimed albums, this Edmonton based band helped introduce Canada to the new musical genre, alt country.

The band fuses elements of folk and rock with a punk attitude, and have built a devoted fan base across the Prairies and beyond through epic live shows. Formed in Edmonton in 1983, the band’s one constant has been singer/songwriter Mike McDonald.


Kanatal means “island” in the Amis language, referring to the small island of Taiwan. The coastline surrounding us is not only an entrance but also an exit: different ethnic groups come to live together on the island, and at the same time, we connect with the world through the ocean. Four talented Indigenous musicians come together with their multi-ethnic backgrounds, the epitome of an island society, creating explosive harmony that boldly crosses borders.

Kanatal band with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo attached
Sam Klassik With 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest Logo

Sam Klassik


“With his unique hybrid of looping, live guitar and deep electronic bass production, Sam Klassik is a festival favourite at gatherings all around North America, including sets at Burning Man, Shambhala, Atmosphere and Electric Forest. Klassik’s sets are sonic experiences like no other, keeping dance floors throbbing as he winds his way through bouncy, driving funk and atmospheric, textured bass.”

~ Ragsmusic


Kongero is a Swedish vocal group, consisting of the four female folk music singers Lotta Andersson, Emma Björling, Anna Larsson and Anna Wikénius. Kongero was formed in 2005 when the original members all attended a Nordic folk music conference. By chance they started singing together and found that their voices and harmonies blended perfectly. 

Kongero band with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo
Lady A with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo

Lady A

Lady A has been a Pacific NW favorite for 20+ year in the business.  Nationally and Internationally known, Lady A, has a high energy show has been compared to the likes of “Tina Turner” and “Chaka Khan” ~ a smile that easily draws the audience in with her sultry-husky voice and contemporary blues-funk style and like a Good pot-a-Gumbo, Lady A is best served HOT!

The Legendary Ingramettes

Six decades of music, sixty-five years of song, generations tied together through the force of will of a matriarchy of powerful women. This is the story of African-American gospel quintet The Legendary Ingramettes, founded by Maggie Ingram (who passed away in 2015) as a way to keep her family together through hardship…

the legendary ingramettes with vancouver island musicfest logo
Treasa Levasseur photo with Vancouver Island Musicfest logo

Treasa Levasseur

Treasa Levasseur is currently the Program and Community Engagement Manager at Folk Alliance International, as well as a JUNO nominated songwriter and seasoned sideperson.

The Mavens
Susan Crowe, Lynn Miles, Shari Ulrich

A Canadian trio of consummate songwriters, singers, and musicians Lynn, Susan and Shari have crossed paths many times through their lengthy careers as songwriters and touring recording artists, sharing festival workshop stages, song circles and endless stories.

trio of women called the Mavens with attached 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo
Linda McRae playing accordian with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo

Linda McRae

A singer-songwriter musician of the old school with decades of experience you may think you know what Linda McRae is up to. That is until she throws you a curve with a new twist: David Bowie on Banjo?!

Linda manages to bend the rules and the genres proving that stripping a song clean brings one back to their roots. 

Carolyn Mark and the Show Goats

Formed during Covid on Sweet Spread Farm near Courtenay BC, The Show Goats feature

Michelle Fillion (The Broadfork Duo) on tasteful drums, high lonesome vocals and craft services, Corey Francis (Handsome Distraction, The Broadfork Duo, Coast to Coast) on lead guitar, genuine rootsy vocals and easy going smiling. 

Carolyn Mark and the Show Goats
50's family sitting around the radio listening

MusicFest Old Time Radio Show

Imagine a time before computers and cell phones, shoot, even before Television screens created their blue glow in living rooms across the continent.

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, little Suzy and Johnny would all gather round the old time tube radio for their favourite weekly radio shows…


Buffalo Nichols

Since his earliest infatuations with guitar, Buffalo Nichols has asked himself the same question: How can I bring the blues of the past into the future? After cutting his teeth between a Baptist church and bars in Milwaukee, it was a globetrotting trip through West Africa and Europe during a creative down period that began to reveal the answer.

buffalo nichols standing in doorway 2022 vancouver island musicfest logo attached
Nikki D with Vancouver Island Musicfest logo 2022

Nikki D

Nikki D is a Sacred Steel guitarist that’s based out of Toledo Ohio that plays with her family band that goes by the name, Nikki “D” & The Sisters Of Thunder.  

Nikki’s unique style is Gospel with traditional Blues riffs and ​grooves, all punctuated by her wildly soulful and electrifying steel ​guitar. In fact, in 2016, Guitar World magazine described Nikki as “The Jimi ​Hendrix of ‘Sacred Steel’, because of her willingness to experiment vocal-​like riffs and intense reverb and sustain.

Mimi O'Bonsawin

If you can embrace the grace and power of Northern Ontario landscapes, you will feel the music of Mimi O’Bonsawin. She epitomizes the powerful scenery and the beauty of its waters through her music, all the while yielding to her rich and warm French Canadian and Abenaki roots. Her musical creations flow through a centre of love, with the intention to give back and spread awareness.

photo of Mimi O’Bonsawin with 2022 vancouver island musicfest logo
Jeff Plankenhorn playing guitar in road with skyscrapers behind him

Jeff Plankenhorn

Jeff Plankenhorn, singer-songwriter and all things strings multi-instrumentalist—guitar, lap steel, mandolin, piano, upright bass—began his career as a boy soprano in Ohio. After studying music theory and composition at the University of Michigan, Texas beckoned when Ray Wylie Hubbard enticed Jeff to join his band. Slide guitar virtuoso, Jeff spent his early career backing the likes of Hubbard and Joe Ely. 

William Prince

William Prince approaches the big questions with humility and curiosity. Prince’s influences, from the gospel of his childhood to the pantheon of classic outlaw country singers, baseball and the great beyond, shape his approach to songcraft, a masterclass in skilful simplicity.


william prince playing guitar with Vancouver Island Musicfest logo
quote the raven photo with 2022 vancouver island musicfest logo

Quote The Raven

An impromptu trip to Nashville in 2019 set the wheels in motion for the sophomore record from Americana Folk duo, Quote the Raven. The sounds filling the Nashville airways reinvigorated the Newfoundland duo’s inspiration and they found a new home in the Americana genre. Their upcoming record titled Can’t Hold the Light, is a summation of the journeys that the pair have experienced over the past three years.

Roots & Grooves
(Rick Scott & Nico Rhodes)

Veteran folkie and young keyboard ace join forces in an inter-generational smorgasbord of roots, blues, jazz, and humour. Rick and Nico blur all boundaries. In a word, they cook! ROOTS & GROOVES is a musical dialogue, a duet for dulcimer and piano, a multi genre conversation across the generations, featuring songs old and new spiced with mastery, mischief, and joie de vivre.

Male duet with dulcimer and electronic piano with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo
Anna Ruddick with Vancouver Island Musicfest 2022 logo

Anna Ruddick

Anna Ruddick is a graduate of McGill university’s Jazz Performance program and attendee of The Banff Centre for the Arts’ International workshop in Jazz and Creative music. In the years since, she has risen to become one of the most in demand and versatile bassists in Canada. 

Shakura S'Aida

“When I considered such a collaboration as HER Majesty (Shakura named it as well!) there was only one person who came to mind to curate this for us and that person is the brilliant singer and music fan, Shakura S’Aida. Shakura is someone who is no stranger to MusicFest, in fact, last time she was here we had her close for Ry Cooder!

Shakura S'Aida with Vancouver Island Musicfest logo 2022
Saltwater Hank with cedar hat playing guitar

Saltwater Hank

If his bandmates were the branches of a tall and sturdy Cedar, Tsimshian folk artist Saltwater Hank would be the trunk, with all of it grown from his roots and held by the land. An analogy to a tree might seem a tad trite, but the mighty Cedars, Spruces and Pines have not only provided us with the most essential of needs every time we breathe in, they have also provided us with the materials we need to resonate the strings we lay and stretch and pluck upon them.

Jack Semple

Jack Semple grew up on a farm north of Regina, Saskatchewan. He started his musical career playing with various Regina-based bands, and later relocated to Toronto in the late 1980s to become the lead guitarist of The Lincolns, a now-legendary funk and rhythm and blues band.

Jack Semple playing guitar
Nathan Senner playing guitar 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo included

Nathan Senner

Life moves us. From moments of simple pleasure to the grand events that shape us; these themes of life and the human condition are at the core of Nathan Senner’s music. Heartfelt, honest, and laced with a bittersweet sincerity, his songs have a universal quality that touches a wide audience while simultaneously connecting in a personal way as though written for you alone.

John Smith

Born in Essex, raised by the Devon seaside, and making his bones in the bars and clubs of Liverpool, John has released eight albums with over 55 million Spotify streams.  He has played to audiences all over the world in living rooms, festival tents and sold-out concert halls. He is a genuine folksinger, an inquisitive truth-seeker, devoted song interpreter and enchanting writer.

John Smith
Terra Spencer photo with Vancouver Island MusicFest skin

Terra Spencer

Nova Scotian funeral director-turned-songwriter and current Canadian Folk Music Contemporary Singer of the Year nominee Terra Spencer discovered her passion for crafting songs while touring with country artist Ryan Cook, after being recruited as a backup singer while scooping ice cream at a music festival. 

Leeroy Stagger

It’s said the cells in your body replace themselves every decade or so. After 11 albums, two EPs and 17 years as a singer-songwriter, Leeroy Stagger has been wondering if maybe the soul works the same way. Ten years sober plus, with two kids, living in Victoria, he’s far removed from the hard-living twenty-something who started on this musical path. As far as Stagger can see, they aren’t even the same person.

photo of leeroy stagger with musicfest 2022 logo
stone poets with vancouver island musicfest logo

Stone Poets

Bringing together an extraordinary blend of poetic lyricism and emotionally powerful instrumentation, Vancouver, BC’s STONE POETS create exceptionally moving music that genuinely matters. Challenging hearts & minds across the globe to open-up and see the beauty in both the light and dark, together this remarkable three-piece band dives deep into meaningful material that reveals their bold authenticity.

Subhira Quintet

“Wild Contemporary World Music from Chile”

One of the most innovative ensembles in the World Music genre in Chile, with more than 25 years of career and 19 released albums, they are referents for many musicians in the country. Subhira Quintet have played in some of the most important world music festivals from Chile, Canada, and Europe, where they’re consolidating their international career.

subhira quintet photo with 2022 Vancouver island musicfest logo
Leonard Sumner

Leonard Sumner

Anishinaabe MC/Singer/Songwriter Leonard Sumner’s storytelling flows directly from the shores of Little Saskatchewan First Nation, located in the heart of the Interlake of Manitoba.  

Sumner’s self-determined sound is evidence of his ability to simultaneously occupy landscapes of multiple musical genres including; Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Country, and Rhythm and Blues.

The Swingin' Country Dance Kings

The Swingin’ Country Dance Kings are all-star instrumentalists who have played pivotal roles in the Alberta country-roots scene during that scene’s heyday between the late seventies through to the new millennium.

swinging country dance kings characters with 2022 vancouver island musicfest logo
Vaneese Thomas

Vaneese Thomas

Fight the Good Fight, Vaneese Thomas’ new album on Blue Heart Records, represents the culmination of an amazingly diverse career for the youngest member of Memphis’ first family of soul. Its bracing blend of Memphis-style R&B, Americana, and other roots genres sets the album well apart from anything else currently on the contemporary market, underscoring Vaneese’s status as a highly innovative performer.

Diamond Joe and Penny White

Diamond Joe White has travelled somewhat ‘under the radar’ on the Canadian music scene, critically acclaimed, but seldom properly recognized for his unique talents as a singer, songwriter. White’s music is a combination of folk-country songs delivered in a crusty vocal style, perhaps not what mainstream country radio stations are comfortable with.

Diamond Joe White with 2022 Vancouver Island MusicFest logo
Tamara Wiiliams with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo

Tamara Williams

Tamara Williams received her bachelor’s degree in music education from Sam Houston State University in 2010. During her undergraduate experience, she participated in every SHSU performing ensemble: wind ensemble (principal percussionist), symphony orchestra (principal percussionist), drumline (captain), percussion ensemble, new music projects, and steel band, in addition to performing with a metal band and playing drums for a singer-songwriter.

Mark Wonneck

A veteran of folk festivals and concert stages, Qualicum resident Mark Wonneck is a gifted songwriter, story-singer, singer-of-songs, storyteller…all the combinations. He is probably best known as Larry Douglas, one half of the folk-comedy duo, The Douglas Brothers, who emerged out of Winnipeg onto the folk scene in the late eighties.  While he still likes to perform as a Douglas Brother whenever he can, more recently he has developed a well-earned reputation as a captivating and insightful solo performer.

Mark Wonneck playing guitar with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo
Shaye Zadravec photo with 2022 Vancouver Island Musicfest logo

Shaye Zadravec

“Sometimes they sneak up on you…. the great ones. So subtle, so graceful – no big notes, no overwrought star search theatrics, just pure, unaffected performance beauty.”

On August 30, 2018, Shaye Zadravec, a 25-year-old musician from Calgary, Alberta, released a black and white video of her studio performance of the song “Lilac Wine”.  

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