Read some MusicFest Memories

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“I come all the way from Colorado US to see friends, relax and enjoy the first-class musicians, warm people and beautiful area. Kuddos!”
Holly from Colorado

“MusicFest, above all else, is where we gather with our Tribe, each year. It’s as important a part of our vacation planning as our annual family camping trips. Our first visit was in 2005-6, and we’ve been coming every year since that time. It was our first real music festival, and it will always be our favorite.”
Nicki at Home

Sharing some of the MusicFest memories people have shared with us recently!

“From music making POV:
1. my favourites are the small stages: traditional folk music and talks by the musicians about how they make songs, music and instruments. I love sitting or lying amongst the fragrant greens hearing the sounds, sometimes the river and excited children’s voices as they splash.
2. I also love the jam session at Grierson – the surprised musicians as they create new harmonies and the contented attendees who quietly expect the unexpected.
From a volunteer POV:
1.the large happy crowds in front of MainStage, walkways willing to guard belongings or to move over so someone can squeeze in.
2. Tiny and crew bombing around in the large jeeps, ensuring safety and reasonable behaviours.
3. Greeting guests at the various gates – many of whom are long-time regular attendees and who know many volunteers. It is reunion time.
From a consumer POV:
1.the hot small doughnut balls in a paper bag.
2. the colourful vendor stalls
3. sunset amongst the tall trees, while listening to good musicians
MOST of all: 10,000 happy people enjoying the outdoors -”

Betty Donaldson