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“I come all the way from Colorado US to see friends, relax and enjoy the first-class musicians, warm people and beautiful area. Kuddos!”
Holly from Colorado

“MusicFest, above all else, is where we gather with our Tribe, each year. It’s as important a part of our vacation planning as our annual family camping trips. Our first visit was in 2005-6, and we’ve been coming every year since that time. It was our first real music festival, and it will always be our favorite.”
Nicki at Home

Sharing some of the MusicFest memories people have shared with us recently!

“From music making POV:
1. my favourites are the small stages: traditional folk music and talks by the musicians about how they make songs, music and instruments. I love sitting or lying amongst the fragrant greens hearing the sounds, sometimes the river and excited children’s voices as they splash.
2. I also love the jam session at Grierson – the surprised musicians as they create new harmonies and the contented attendees who quietly expect the unexpected.
From a volunteer POV:
1.the large happy crowds in front of MainStage, walkways willing to guard belongings or to move over so someone can squeeze in.
2. Tiny and crew bombing around in the large jeeps, ensuring safety and reasonable behaviours.
3. Greeting guests at the various gates – many of whom are long-time regular attendees and who know many volunteers. It is reunion time.
From a consumer POV:
1.the hot small doughnut balls in a paper bag.
2. the colourful vendor stalls
3. sunset amongst the tall trees, while listening to good musicians
MOST of all: 10,000 happy people enjoying the outdoors -”

Betty Donaldson

Running through the water misting sprays during the hot and dry 2018 MusicFest to stay cool… like being a kid again 😊
Hats off to the water bottle filling carts that year – they are a great fixture at MusicFest.
As well as the great music… in 2018 – Ry Cooder, Arlo Guthrie – YEA to that era!!
Jim Byrnes in 2017 always a classic. John Prine in 2016… say no more – he’s a king.
Enter the Haggis – what a fantastic surprise 😊

Patricia & Bruce
Victoria, BC

I have a memory of MusicFest from 33 years ago! My husband, our 2 year old, and myself were driving back to Nanaimo from camping at Elk Falls, and saw the signs for the music festival. It was the afternoon of the last day, so we were welcomed in free of charge just so we could have a walk about, not sure if there were any bands still playing. It had been a wet weekend, and the grounds were muddy, covered in the usual festival litter (not seen for years now!), and many of the people were wearing hippy-style clothing, long skirts, bright colours, etc. My first impression was that we had walked into the Island’s version of Woodstock, and I was smitten! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and encouraged us to come back the next year. Our son, now nearly 36, still remembers the funny people with bare feet, standing in the mud and offering to have him ride on their shoulders while on stilts! I am still so impressed with the genuine happiness of the people at the festival, despite the mud and rain. It had a huge impact on us new Islanders, made us very glad that we had moved to the Island, where this kind of thing happened. And we’ve been back a few times, sometimes for the day, once to camp for the whole weekend, and once for an overnight at a nearby campground.
Just wanted to share that special memory, from “back in the day”.

Mary & Helge

“One of the things that sets this festival apart from the others is the beautiful Tsolum river and the cedar groves that grace her banks. Without the river the festival would be a dusty hot place. We need to honour and respect the Tsolum that is one of the arteries that feeds life into the Comox Valley. And which creates the magic of this festival. Thanks”


“When I put a sign on my chair to use it when I was not using it myself, people DID and they left me notes of appreciation and even some candies. One lady hugged me for being so kind. Sharing is Caring at Musicfest.”

J. Annette

There is for me a MusicFest moment every year – a magical moment when I feel a wave of amazement, joy and a huge sense of gratitude that I am present in a magical moment that will not come again. It often happens when performers who have never met each other make a connection on stage. The 5 mandolin players in the barn; a young woman playing with Amos Garrett – she was amazed to be there with him, very star stuck but she rose to the occasion; the child from the valley had stopped singing so she could pick up her life as a regular kid, who sang At Last when Doug Cox brought her on the main stage at an intermission her voice bounced off the mountain and came back to us; Ruthie Foster singing in the people’s key of G and all of us singing along. Pure magical musical moments that create memories I cherish, when music touched my soul and my heart. That moment always comes. Every year.

Thank you!


I have gone 3 times now! Love that the river is so close to cool off on the hot days. Met so many friendly MusicFest goers. I also loved that you can just dance wherever the music moves you! freedom to just be yourself.
Looking forward to next year. I volunteer and they treat you so special. I will volunteer again for sure !!