Fire Safety Updates From VI MusicFest

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Please take a minute to read this message if you are coming to the Festival – it’s all about fire safety on our site, something many of you have asked us about.

All will be STRICTLY enforced this year because, well, it has to be!

It is hot,hot,hot & dry,dry,dry!

We are seeing fires pop up throughout B.C.

Please help us keep everyone safe this MusicFest.

Here’s a reminder about MusicFest policies that were stated on the registration forms you completed and a few new ones to help ensure we all have a great time with minimum risk.

We are all camping in dry grass, surrounded by dry forest.


No Open Flames, tiki torches, candles or propane fire pits.

As stated on the BC government website:

If you cook with propane stoves you are required to have a suitable fire extinguisher. Please bring a bucket that you can fill with water to keep beside your stove as well.
Do not place your stove on the ground. We require that it is up on a table in case the wind blows the flame sideways.
Do not put propane lanterns on the ground, better yet use battery powered flashlights and lanterns.

If you smoke in your campsite please bring a sand filled container for your butts. If you forget we will have containers with the camping hosts in both the public campground and the volunteer campground.


MusicFest will have on hand a supply of hose in a central location that we can get to in a hurry if need be.

MusicFest will be providing fire buckets at the 3 water stations in public camping and as well as buckets at the 2 water stations in the volunteer campground. These are clearly marked and will be full. DO NOT REMOVE THESE BUCKETS unless there is a fire.

In case of an emergency evacuation from the MusicFest site please remain calm and make your way to the track below the Comox Valley Sports Centre on Vanier Drive.

We will set up a check in using our registration systems and ask that you check in so we can ensure you are accounted for and safe and that all members of your family are with you.

Now let’s all get ready to have great weekend. Please bring your water bottles, sunscreen, hats and dancing shoes.

See you on site in a few days!
Can’t wait!!!