Comox Valley Record On Local Funding

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The 3rd part of a wonderful series on MusicFest lack of local Funding written by Scott Stanfield at the Comox Valley record ~ thank you Scott!
Just to set the record straight and to be fair to our founders, Edwin Grieve was not a founding member.
The original 7 were Wendy Knudson, Diana Paige, BettyAnne Hampton, Jane Gilchrist, Dale Grahman, Sam Lennox and one more fellow whose name we have yet to confirm. That was in 1995 and the first Festival was at North island College. After that it moved to the Fairgrounds and the Comox Valley Folk Society was founded by Wendy Knudson with Bettyanne Hampton as Chairin 1996. We will all forever owe a huge debt to those founders and need to remember who they were.
Edwin Grieve joined the Board in 1998 or 1999 in either the 4th or 5th year of our Festival history.
Also, worthy of note, the year we lost 48,000 was in 98 or 99 and the most substantial bailout for us came through a loan from the (now defunct) Jasper Folk Festival which we eventually paid back.
This coming year’s Festival is our 20th and we hope to create an archive over the next year that will tell the full history of MusicFest to be on display for anyone interested at next years event!