Summer vacation lessons at #vimf

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Perhaps it’s something intrinsic in collaboration – an element of mentorship, of learning from one another, of picking up tips you might not pick up in other way. It’s still early in MusicFest weekend, and we have already seen an amazing example of the learning side of collaboration.

This morning, the irreverent MarchFourth Marching Band burned up the barn in a workshop with the Cumberland Junior Marching Band. Breaking the bands up so that different sections could learn from each other – they brought it together at the end into one big, flashy, dance-worthy, room-full-of-sound-and-smiles finale. Together they marched out at the end of it, leading the crowd in a roam around the fairgrounds.

There is no doubt the students in the Cumberland Marching Band learned a thing or two about how to use different sounds and make a flashy show. The MarchFourth band praised the group for their tight playing – they danced and joined in as the students took the lead too, and proudly tucked in an honourary plume, presented to them by the local band’s Major.

Collaboration is always one of the best parts of MusicFest – the bringing together of different voices, different instruments, genres, cultures and stories. The learning part of the collaboration is perhaps the takeaway for MusicFesters -or for these two groups, the ‘march-away’.

Get on down here! Vancouver Island MusicFest is at the Courtenay Exhibition Grounds today and tomorrow! It’s sunny with a breeze and we’re looking forward to see you!