It was morning and then it was night….

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Wow – I wrote to you last seeing the opening beautiful show at Main Stage this morning and now… here we are listening to the beautiful voice of Rodney Crowell, heading into the closing of the 17th annual Vancouver Island MusicFest. The time has gone by so quickly, but all in a great shine of people who love hearing great music and people who love playing great music.

Here we are, dusk. The warmth has shone through the crowds all day – keeping us warm and enabling this great fun on stages. We’ve seen some amazing things: artists collecting together despite years apart, new artists introducing themselves to all the opportunities available – above all, listeners thrilled to be a part of the musical collaborations they’ve heard.

We’re collecting now at Mainstage ready to share the night to come and to celebrate the weekend that has been. Rodney Crowell, Holly Cole, Night Train Music Club and DAVID CROSBY still to come. Can’t wait to see you here!