2017 Schedule

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MusicFest performance schedule for Saturday, July 15
9:30amThe Concert Bowl StageDan Navarro Songs That Got Me Started
Jason Fowler Songs That Got Me Started
Jory Nash Songs That Got Me Started
Rachelle Van Zanten Songs That Got Me Started
Ryder Bachman Songs That Got Me Started
Tillers Folly Songs That Got Me Started
9:30amThe Grierson StageEnter The Haggis Grooves In Orbit
Ilam Grooves In Orbit
Martin O Grooves In Orbit
The Honey Tongues Grooves In Orbit
The Weber Brothers Grooves in Orbit
10:00amAt The Cross Roads Alan Jossul How To Teach Music and Guitar
10:00amThe BarnBill Kirchen Country Meets Blues
Colin Linden Country Meets Blues
Jimmy "Duck" Holmes Country Meets Blues
Pharis and Jason Romero Country Meets Blues
Redd Volkaert Country Meets Blues
10:00amThe Woodland StageJohn Gogo In Concert
10:00amThe Grassy KnollQuantum Tangle In Concert
11:00amAt The Cross Roads Carolyn Mark & the New Best Friends Write a Song with Carolyn Mark
11:00amThe Woodland StageDavid Vest In Concert
11:00amThe Grassy KnollMatt Patershuk In Concert
11:00amThe Concert Bowl StageMose Lives (Tribute to Mose Allison) In Concert
11:15amThe Grierson StageCurly Strings Violin Lives Here
Lucia Micarelli Chamber Ensemble Violin Lives Here
Maz Violin Lives Here
3TiR Violin Lives Here
11:45amThe BarnDaoiri Farrell Songs From Old Souls
Elli Hart Songs From Old Souls
Mike McKenna Jr. Songs From Old Souls
Quantum Tangle Songs From Old Souls
Quetzal Songs from Old Souls
12:00pmThe Woodland StageJason Fowler Backing Jory Nash In Concert
Jory Nash In Concert
12:00pmThe Grassy KnollSteve Dawson In Concert
12:00pmAt The Cross Roads The Honey Tongues Harmony Singing
12:30pmThe Concert Bowl StageFederspiel In Concert
1:00pmThe Grierson StageBruce Cockburn The Writer is the Witness
Iskwe The Writer is the Witness
Maria Dunn The Writer is the Witness
Martyn Joseph The Writer is the Witness
1:00pmAt The Cross Roads Bill Kirchen A Life In Music ~ Peter North in Discussion with Bill Kirchen and Redd Volkaert
Redd Volkaert A Life In Music - Peter North in Discussion with Bill Kirchen and Redd Volkaert
1:00pmThe Woodland StageFilippo Gambetta & Emilyn Stam In Concert
1:00pmThe Grassy KnollQuinn Bachand's Brishen In Concert
1:30pmThe BarnCarolyn Mark & the New Best Friends Songs I Wish I Wrote
Dan Navarro Songs I Wish I Wrote
Little Crow Songs I Wish I Wrote
Stephen Fearing Songs I Wish I Wrote
1:45pmThe Concert Bowl StageMaz In Concert
2:00pmAt The Cross Roads Colin Linden Producers Talk - In Conversation with Colin Linden, Steve Dawson & Holger Petersen
Steve Dawson Producers Talk - In Conversation with Colin Linden, Steve Dawson and Holger Petersen
2:00pmThe Woodland StageDaoiri Farrell In Concert
2:00pmThe Grassy KnollElli Hart In Concert
2:45pmThe Grierson StageFederspiel The Human Condition
Martyn Joseph The Human Condition
Melisande (Electrotrad) The Human Condition
PK Tessman and Corwin Fox The Human Condition
Quetzal The Human Condition
Rachelle Van Zanten The Human Condition
3:00pmThe Concert Bowl StageEllika, Solo & Rafael In Concert
3:00pmThe Woodland StageJimmy "Duck" Holmes In Concert
3:00pmAt The Cross Roads Quinn Bachand's Brishen Gypsy Swing Guitar
3:00pmThe Grassy KnollSierra Hull In Concert
3:15pmThe BarnEnter The Haggis Canadian Stories
John Gogo Canadian Stories
Jory Nash Canadian Stories
Maria Dunn Canadian Stories
Mike McKenna Jr. Canadian Stories
Tillers Folly Canadian Stories
4:00pmAt The Cross Roads Filippo Gambetta & Emilyn Stam Bellows and Buttons - Accordion and Piano Workshop
4:00pmThe Grassy KnollPharis and Jason Romero In Concert
4:00pmThe Woodland StageStephen Fearing In Concert
4:30pmThe Grierson StageAnia Soul Songs of Sam Cooke
Bill Kirchen Sons of Sam Cooke
Colin Linden Songs of Sam Cooke
David Vest Songs of Sam Cooke
Redd Volkaert Songs of Sam Cooke
The Legendary Soul Stirrers Songs of Sam Cooke
5:30pmTwilight In The BarnCurly Strings Acoustic Dreams
Quinn Bachand's Brishen Acoustic Dreams
Sierra Hull Acoustic Dreams
5:30pmThe Concert Bowl StageRita Coolidge In Concert
7:00pmThe Concert Bowl StageDakhaBrakha In Concert
7:00pmTwilight In The BarnRyder Bachman In Concert
8:15pmThe Concert Bowl StageBruce Cockburn In Concert
8:15pmTwilight In The BarnThe Weber Brothers In Concert
9:30pmTwilight In The BarnMelisande (Electrotrad) In Concert
9:45pmThe Concert Bowl StageRobert Randolph & The Family Band In Concert
11:15pmThe Concert Bowl StageWesli In Concert
MusicFest performance schedule for Sunday, July 16
9:30amThe Concert Bowl StagePharis and Jason Romero Gospel/Spiritual Set
Rita Coolidge Gospel/Spiritual Set
The Legendary Soul Stirrers Gospel/Spiritual Set
The Weber Brothers Gospel/Spiritual Set
10:00amThe BarnAlan Jossul The Art of Guitar
Jason Fowler The Art of Guitar
Quinn Bachand's Brishen The Art of Guitar
Rachelle Van Zanten The Art of Guitar
Steve Dawson The Art of Guitar
10:45amThe Grierson StageEllika, Solo & Rafael Vive la Difference
Maz Vive la Difference
Quetzal Vive la Difference
Sierra Hull Vive la Difference
11:00amAt The Cross Roads DakhaBrakha Songs of the Ukraine; from Trad to Fusion
11:00amThe Woodland StageMike McKenna Jr. In Concert
11:00amThe Grassy Knoll3TiR In Concert
11:15amThe Concert Bowl StageColin Linden Sunday Morning Coming Down
Curly Strings Sunday Morning Coming Down
Dan Navarro Sunday Morning Coming Down
Daoiri Farrell Sunday Morning Coming Down
Iskwe Sunday Morning Coming Down
11:45amThe BarnMelisande (Electrotrad) Make a Joyful Noise
The Honey Tongues Make a Joyful Noise
Wesli Make a Joyful Noise
12:00pmThe Woodland StageJason Fowler In Concert
12:00pmAt The Cross Roads Jimmy "Duck" Holmes Performing and in Conversation with Holger Petersen
12:00pmThe Grassy KnollMaria Dunn In Concert
12:30pmThe Grierson StageCarolyn Mark & the New Best Friends Lyrically Speaking (Poetic Justice)
John Gogo Lyrically Speaking (Poetic Justice)
Martyn Joseph Lyrically Speaking (Poetic Justice)
Matt Patershuk Lyrically Speaking (Poetic Justice)
Rachelle Van Zanten Lyrically Speaking(Poetic Justice)
Stephen Fearing Lyrically Speaking (Poetic Justice)
1:00pmThe Woodland StageAlan Jossul In Concert
1:00pmThe Concert Bowl StageBill Kirchen Remembering Chuck Berry
David Vest Remembering Chuck Berry
Redd Volkaert Remembering Chuck Berry
Ryder Bachman Remembering Chuck Berry
The Weber Brothers Remembering Chuck Berry
1:00pmAt The Cross Roads Filippo Gambetta & Emilyn Stam Participatory Folk Dance Session
1:00pmThe Grassy KnollPK Tessman and Corwin Fox In Concert
1:30pmThe BarnEnter The Haggis World Turned Upside Down
Federspiel World Turned Upside Down
Martin O World Turned Upside Down
Maz World Turned Upside Down
Quinn Bachand's Brishen World Turned Upside Down
2:00pmThe Woodland StageAnia Soul In Concert
2:00pmThe Grassy KnollLittle Crow In Concert
2:00pmAt The Cross Roads Pharis and Jason Romero Banjo, 'The Peoples Instrument'
2:15pmThe Grierson StageDakhaBrakha Voices from the Blood and the Mud
Jimmy "Duck" Holmes Voices from the Blood and the Mud
Melisande (Electrotrad) Voices from the Blood and the Mud
Quantum Tangle Voices from the Blood and the Mud
2:45pmThe Concert Bowl StageEllika, Solo & Rafael These are our People
Filippo Gambetta & Emilyn Stam These are our People
Maria Dunn These are our People
Stephen Fearing These are our People
3TiR These are our People
3:00pmThe Woodland StageDan Navarro In Concert
3:00pmThe Grassy KnollQuetzal In Concert
3:00pmAt The Cross Roads Rita Coolidge 'Delta Lady' A Life In Music with Rita Coolidge and Holger Petersen
3:15pmThe BarnElli Hart Recalculating
Jason Fowler Recalculating
Jory Nash Recalculating
Matt Patershuk Recalculating
PK Tessman and Corwin Fox Recalculating
4:00pmThe Grassy KnollCarolyn Mark & the New Best Friends In Concert
4:00pmThe Grierson StageDaoiri Farrell Singers Choice
Martin O Singers Choice
Sierra Hull Singers Choice
Tillers Folly Singers Choice
4:00pmThe Woodland StageMartyn Joseph In Concert
4:00pmAt The Cross Roads Wesli Haitian Instruments, Rhythms & Culture
5:00pmThe Concert Bowl StageChoir! Choir! Choir! In Concert
5:30pmTwilight In The BarnThe Honey Tongues In Concert
6:15pmThe Concert Bowl StageAnia Soul Canada Revisited Collaboration
Canada Revisited Special Collaboration Concert Canada Revisited Collaboration
David Vest Canada Revisited Collaboration
Little Crow Canada Revisited Collaboration
Matt Patershuk Canada Revisited Collaboration
Quantum Tangle Canada Revisited Collaboration
Steve Dawson Canada Revisited Collaboration
6:45pmTwilight In The BarnTillers Folly In Concert
7:45pmThe Concert Bowl StageCurly Strings In Concert
8:00pmTwilight In The BarnWesli Barn Dance
9:00pmThe Concert Bowl StageBarenaked Ladies In Concert
10:30pmThe Concert Bowl StageEnter The Haggis In Concert