In 2004, seven young musicians, all students of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna or rather Konservatorium Vienna, joined together to form the incredible ensemble Federspiel.

A seven-Piece ensemble that redefines brass-band music. Utterly incredible skills meet the necessary youthful and charming freshness in playing, musical arrangements. “Creativity, spontaneity and joy is high on the members of the brass-band ensemble Federspiel’s list of priorities. Folk music from Austria, neighbouring countries and beyond is the starting point for their concerts.


The musicians work on the melodies, improvise over them and let them sound new in their very specific tone – always with a splash of humor and self-irony.” (A. Wolowiec) The group Federspiel was founded 2004 in Krems at the Danube. Crucial impulses came from Rudi Pietsch, who rehearsed from the beginning, especially arranged, for the cast, original folk music. Federspiels particular style is defined by the origins and backgrounds of each individual musician and creates the unique sound of the band. Due to this part of Federspiel`s music are therefore self-penned compositions with pop-elements as well as arrangements of traditional Mexican music or the zither as a solo instrument. Therefore their type or genre of music doesn’t exist as they are unable to be placed within the parameters of existing genres like “folk”, “world”, “traditional” music. So the style of the Ensembles is described best by it´s own name: Federspiel (feather game ).