Ania Soul

Ania Soul bridges the gap between two disparate musical worlds. She merges the intimacy and introspection of a singer-songwriter with the rich aesthetic of roots soul and R n B.

She is fresh from scoring and performing in the Dora award winning play Salt Water Moon early 2016. The play is Mirvish bound Fall 2017 in Toronto and soon to be taking flight on tour across Western Canada. Currently, Ania is working on her new musical collaboration with Zimbabwian mbira player Moyo.

janisa vimf 2017 photo 1

What’s incredible about Ania Soul’s accomplishment is that there is nothing artificial about the union she creates, nor does one style sound superimposed upon the other—her fusion feels entirely organic, and what shines through more than anything is a thoughtful mind and an unerring artistic commitment. Songs like “All in My Head” provide a disarmingly honest view into a sombre, immediately relatable emotional space though a sparse, acoustic arrangement. The vulnerability expressed in the piece is heightened by a minimal, bare naked concept where it comes to the song’s recording and production.

janisa vimf 2017 photo 2

Where her music exploits the bells and whistles availed by contemporary production techniques, such as in the driving, hook-laden “Over You,” nothing of her vision is left by the wayside—a rare achievement.

-Matthew James