Volunteer Resources

Returning volunteers should be contacted by their previous crew coordinator by February 15th and do not need to fill out an online application. If you are a returning volunteer from 2014 and have not been contacted by your crew coordinator emailvolunteer@islandmusicfest.com as soon as possible to let us know!

We will do our best to place all new volunteers but please know that we receive more applications than we have spots to fill. If we don’t find a place for you, please try again next year!

2015 Volunteer HandBook:


Getting here/Parking

There is a free shuttle for volunteers run by Comox Taxi, that operates a continuous loop throughout festival time. You can park and ride from Driftwood Mall.

Additionally, there is the Destiny River Festival Express that is a $2 ride each way, from the same park & ride locations. A full schedule for the shuttle is available on the Destiny River Festival Express page!

There is a bike-lockup on site if you wish to ride down. Hours of Operation – 8:00am – 1:00am Friday through Sunday.

Parking is available on a first-come, first-parked basis – free parking is available at Comox Sports & Recreation Centre, or $5 parking is available at Vanier School.

Volunteer Check In & Getting Your Volunteer Credentials

Volunteer Check-in is located at the Curling Club parking lot off of Headquarters Rd at the Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds. Be sure to give yourself time to park and walk.

All volunteers must check in each day to receive a new wristband – this ensures that their shift hours have been fulfilled. You will be checking in under your Crew Name – be sure you know the name of your crew and your coordinator’s name in case of a problem.

Volunteer Check In Hours:


Make sure you have everything you need with you, too (ID, shoes, sunscreen, water bottle, medications, etc). We need you onsite during your shift, so if you’ve forgotten things, that really impacts the rest of your crew. There is a lockup on site for volunteer personal effects

Volunteer Camping:

There are 2 campgrounds at VIMF. Volunteer Camping and Public Camping. Public camping is paid only (even for volunteers). You are welcome to camp there but you must pay the same as our public campers. If you camp in Public Camping you must have already checked in as a volunteer and have your volunteer wristband – otherwise you will be asked to purchase a weekend pass before being admitted.

Volunteer Camping is for MusicFest volunteers and your partner/spouse and your dependent children (ONLY if they are too young to volunteer – otherwise they should be volunteering!) Volunteers camping in the volunteer campground will be required to register in advance of the event. Please check with your coordinator for more information.

The Volunteer Camping link will be available May 1st 2015. This link will be sent to all volunteers by their crew coordinators.

All non-volunteering guests MUST hold a weekend pass.

To get access to the volunteer campground, you must have your volunteer credentials (so check-in first!) and your guests must check in at the same time as you. All campers in Volunteer Camping must be registered in advance. Please request the registration form from your coordinator if you have not received one.

Safety and Courtesy:

NO open fires, tiki torches or open flame. Candles or lamps must be in fireproof containers. We are in a dry grassy pasture…use a container for your butts! If you have propane stove (inside RV or outside) you MUST bring a fire extinguisher.

Ensure guidelines and structures do not block fire lanes.

NO drum circles, amplified music or canned music are permitted ANYWHERE at ANYTIME in the campground.

NO pets are permitted anywhere in the campgrounds.

Campers must remove their own garbage and recycling throughout the weekend and take to central waste stations. Please keep your camping space clean and community minded.

You are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings at MusicFest. Leave your toys at home, lock up your valuables, and secure your food and beverages.

Campers who do not demonstrate care for self, care for others and care for the festival WILL be asked to leave or removed from the campground and have camping passes revoked. Camping at VIMF is a privilege. Dangerous or obnoxious behaviour will NOT be tolerated.

Because the number of camping volunteers is increasing and the campground is not we have to give priority to out of town volunteers.

Be mindful of your camping footprint – there are a lot of people who camp in volunteer camping and we want there to be adequate space for everyone.

Grey Water holding tanks will be located by the porta potties for campers to dump their dishwashing waste water into.

Volunteer Camping Checkin:


“…foot traffic with tent entrance only after 2 pm Friday. Due to safety issues that vehicles may create with high foot traffic, vehicles MAY NOT be permitted after 2 pm Friday”

  1. If you wish to camp in Volunteer campingyou must register in advance of arriving.

2.Preregistration does not ensure you a space within volunteer camping. We will do our best to accommodate you however if it reaches capacity we have to close the gates.

  1. Priority is going to have to go to out of town volunteers in trying to place them as they will have no other option of a place to stay.
  2. We have very limited rv and trailer space therefore when the allotted space is reached through registration it will be closed down. If it is closed please do not arrive with a trailer or rv and try to get in.
  3. Due to space we must limit the size of camping units to a maximum of 27ft (hitch included). If you arrive with a camping unit larger than 27 ft( hitch included) you will be denied access to the campground.
  4. If your spouse or children will be camping with you and are not volunteers they must hold a valid weekend pass, you must enter the ticket number into the registration form.
  5. If you do not plan on camping do not complete the form. This gives us false information and some campers may be turned away because we think there isn’t room when there actually is.
  6. Only RV, tents or sleeper units will be allowed access to the campground. No extra vehicles will be permitted. You will have to haul your gear in with equipment provided by The Volunteer Campground Hosts.

There is a safe lockup trailer run by the campground hosts where valuables can be checked in and locked safely throughout the weekend.

  1. Volunteers under 19 must have an adult registered and staying with them all weekend.
  2. You may have non volunteer guests visit your campsite between the hours of 8:00am-8:00pm. You must be with them to sign them in and out at the camping entrance. Non volunteer guests must have a weekend pass to visit. We cannot allow anyone with a one day pass access to the campground.
  3. There can be no vehicles around the perimeter fence.
  4. If you have a trailer your tow vehicle must be removed from volunteer camping.

Please DO NOT attempt to remove Trailers or RV’s before Monday morning. When you are in you are in until Monday.


There are no shower facilities on site. There are shower facilities at the Comox
Valley Sports Centre on Vanier Drive during the following hours:

Coming Soon!

Food & Drink

Our fabulous volunteer kitchen serves up a meal on Friday evening and Lunch & Dinner on Saturday and Sunday. There will be vegetarian/vegan options available. However, if you have other dietary needs (gluten, raw, etc…) please be prepared to look after your own nutritional needs for the weekend. It is almost impossible to meet individual needs when catering for 1400 people! We also have a hospitality tent that offers a nice place to have some quiet time and beverages for in between meals.

Meal times:

  • Friday Dinner: 5pm – 7pm
  • Saturday Lunch: 11am – 1pm
  • Saturday Dinner: 5pm – 7pm
  • Sunday Lunch: 11am – 1pm
  • Sunday Dinner: 5pm – 7pm

Please be sure to bring a water bottle (we will not provide disposable water bottles), warm clothes for the chilly evening, a hat, sunscreen and any medications you might need.

Staying in Touch

If you have other questions be sure to ask your Crew Coordinator. You should know who they are (their name), the name of your crew and how to get ahold of your crew coordinator (email or phone).

If all the great information above doesn’t answer your question, you can email our Festival Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@islandmusicfest.com to resolve any confusion.