Over forty different crews and over a thousand volunteers will work together to make this year’s MusicFest another amazing, memorable weekend. Volunteers are the backbone of the festival. We are so grateful for the many volunteers who will return this year, and we look forward to those who are volunteering for the first time!

MusicFest welcomes people from all backgrounds and abilities to apply to volunteer. Youths between the ages of 16-18 may apply to volunteer provided they also submit a completed youth waiver 2019 Youth Volunteer Waiver. Some crews may not be appropriate for youths, and crew coordinators may accept youths at their discretion.

Please note:

Some of our crews self-recruit. This means the coordinators of those crews will collect their own volunteers. Unfortunately we don’t accept online applications for these crews. You’ll know which crews self-recruit because ‘self-recruiting’ will be included in the description below. But don’t worry – there are lots of other crews to volunteer on!

A few of our crews have certain requirements – for example, you need to be at least 19 and have your Serving it Right certificate to be on our Brew Crew. If you want to be on a crew who serves or make sure you meet any requirements listed.
The number of hours you will be asked to commit to volunteering depends on the crew you volunteer for. Those numbers are listed below. You’ll also see when the different crews schedule shifts below – pre-festival, during the festival, or post-festival.

Don’t forget!

  • Returning volunteers will be contacted directly by their Crew Coordinators from last year (or a new Coordinator of their Crew from last year) before February 15th. If you have not heard from your Coordinator by February 15th please send the Volunteer Coordinator an email.
  • If you did not volunteer for MusicFest last year but have volunteered in previous years, you will need to fill out a new volunteer application for this year.
  • If you are a returning volunteer who wishes to apply for a different crew this year, let your Coordinator from last year know you want to join a new crew. Then be sure to fill out a new application for this year – remember to list your preferred crew!
  • Please do not apply for self-recruiting crews unless you have been recruited by the coordinator and know the coordinator’s name. If you were not recruited and still apply for one of these crews, you likely will not be placed on this crew and may be rerouted to a different crew that you did not apply for.
  • If you have been recruited by the coordinator of a self-recruiting crew, please list the crew name and coordinator name on your application in the appropriate fields. When prompted to fill in first and second choice Crews on the application, choose the correct crew for both options. Select the ***** option if the crew is not listed.
  • If you are 16-18 years of age (new or returning) and have already applied as a volunteer you will need to fill out a 2019 Youth Waiver and have your parent or guardian sign it. You’ll find the waiver here 2019 Youth Volunteer Waiver.
  • If you plan on camping in the Volunteer Campground, you will be required to complete the Volunteer Camping Registration in advance of the Festival. Your crew coordinator will email the link to you on April 1. If you plan on camping in the Public Campground, you will be required to pay regular public camping fees. Public camping goes on sale March 1st and reservations can only be made online.

Click here to complete your volunteer application!

Click here to download the 2019 Volunteer Handbook

Make sure you check out the volunteer Responsibilities & Benefits before you apply!

Check out some volunteers in action: